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First Aid for Dogs - 10 Things You Should Know

First Aid for Dogs - 10 Things You Should Know

What should you know about first aid that could possibly save your dog's life one day?

I spoke with several emergency veterinarians and we came up list of 10 things that every pet owner needs to know in an emergency.

Here they are.

1. Behavior - You need to know what to expect from an injured pet to prevent injury to yourself.

2. Vet phone numbers and address - Have this information close at hand because you will need it very quickly. The the link below to print your own template.

3. Phone number of an animal-loving friend - In some situations, like when a pet is lost or when you are trying to transport an injured pet, you will need a friend's help.

4. CPR - Cardiopulmonary rescusitation can help save your dog.

5. Heimlich maneuver- can help save a choking dog.

6. How to bandage - This can be easy to do and it is extremely important to protect a wound.

7. How to stop bleeding - Applying gentle pressure is the best way to stop bleeding.

8. Wound care - Towels and blankets can be used to cover a wound or to help you pick up an injured pet.

9. How to transport a pet - A strong blanket can be used to help you transport a pet.

10. How to pay for veterinary care - How would you pay for your pet's care if he was sick or injured? It is important to always have a plan so you will not find yourself in a difficult situation. Many clinics do not allow payment plans but do accept credit cards. Also, think about putting money aside on a regular basis to cover your pet's medical care, or consider pet insurance.