Kong tug dog toy

Kong tug dog toy

Kong tug dog toy

A kong tug toy is a toy designed to simulate the tug of war game played with a dog using a rope.


In his book "How To Train Your Dog" author Wayne S. Ostrander wrote, "My first thought was that it would have to be something I would give to my dog. But I was in a public place, with people around, and I didn't want a dog to tear into my hands." He concluded that it was not practical to give such a toy to his own dog. "My next thought was, 'I wonder if I could make one?" He went on to create a rope toy he named a Kong.

In the early 1980s, the first Kongs were sold to animal-lovers at the Santa Monica Fairgrounds in California. Today, they are sold at many animal-oriented stores.


Kongs come in many shapes and sizes. Some are big enough to be used as a toy for large dogs. Others are small enough to be used by small dogs. All can be made with varying degrees of difficulty. Many are designed for indoor use.

Kongs consist of two hollowed-out objects that are connected by a narrow neck. The objects have hollowed-out inner compartments that are big enough to hold an animal's favorite treats or toys. A rope is tied to the neck and goes through a hole in one of the objects to the other. The animal can pull one of the objects toward them using the rope. As they pull, the dog pushes the other object away, in a form of tug of war.

Variants of Kong


"Tail" Kongs are a type of Kong, designed to allow the Kong toy to be used by dogs with short or absent tails. This is possible because the Kong has a wider opening on one end and can be used by a dog without a tail, even though the Kong is shaped like a cone.

The "Tail" Kong is the smallest form of Kong. It comes with a rope attached to a flat base at one end and is meant to be placed on the floor so that the base will be placed between the dog's legs when they are sitting. This will enable them to be placed between the dog's back legs.

It is an effective toy for a dog with a long tail who needs exercise, but who doesn't want to go into a "sit" position for too long. It allows them to be used with other forms of training.

Small Kongs

The Kong is also available in a variety of different sizes. Small Kongs come in different sizes and shapes, ranging in size from the size of a tennis ball to the size of a small dog toy. They have the same inner compartment as the large Kongs. A dog can use the small Kong to train their own individual skills, just as they would use a tennis ball.

The small Kong is very effective for a dog who already has good training or who has just started training. The small Kong is the easiest Kong to use, and is therefore most effective for training dogs who have not yet been taught much.

One common use for the small Kong is for a young or a timid dog. These dogs have a tendency to retreat and hide. The Kong is a safe way to get a dog to approach you or their handler.

Medium Kongs

The medium Kongs are larger than the small Kong, but smaller than the large Kong. It is a common size. They are typically used for training, and the medium Kong is often used with a medium-sized dog toy.

There are many variations of medium Kongs, depending on the materials used. Most are made out of a durable, solid plastic, but some are made of soft foam. Some are designed to be used indoors and some are designed to be used outside.

Indoor Kongs

Indoor Kongs are designed to be used indoors. Many have a handle on the top for easy carrying. They can be found in many colors and sizes, from large to small. They are designed to be placed on a table, chair, or other flat surface.

Many indoor Kongs are also designed to be able to be played with while walking. This way, you can train your dog while moving around.

Outdoor Kongs

Outdoor Kongs are designed to be played with outside. Many are designed to be worn by a dog on a harness or a collar. Some are designed to be played with while sitting on the floor. Some can also be played with while walking.

Most Kongs are designed with a rope attached, but some are designed with an elastic rope. Some are designed to be played with while lying down.

Rope and Elastic

Ropes and elastic ropes are often used in Kongs. Most dogs love a rope. In a Kong, a rope or elastic rope can provide a sense of security to the dog, keeping them from being able to leave the Kong. The Kong is also shaped to provide a feeling of security to the dog when they are pulling on it. This helps to train a dog to stay in a position, even when they want to move.

Some dogs like to play tug of war with a rope. The elasticity of a rope helps it to tug easily and consistently, providing a constant tug and helping a dog to learn to stay where they are. Ropes also help to strengthen and train a dog's pull and tug muscles, making a Kong an effective tool for exercise.


Many Kongs can be worn on a dog's harness or collar. They may come in several sizes and shapes, depending on the size of the dog. They may also come with a rope attached, so the dog can play tug of war with the Kong on their harness or collar.

Some collars and harnesses are designed to accept

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