Dog jack o lantern

Dog jack o lantern

Dog jack o lanterns

The day before a very special occasion, I got to spend the whole day playing with my best friend, making a lot of memories. I wanted to have this moment with her special and I spent most of the afternoon decorating the place and the house we were going to stay in.

That night she told me, with tears in her eyes, that she knew this day would be one of the best ones of her life, and she just wanted to do whatever she could to make this a great moment for her.

I told her that my biggest worry was that everything she wanted would make it just perfect, but I was sure it would be perfect.

So we spent hours and hours creating, decorating and making stuff.

And since I was an only child, I decided to include her cousins into the fun.

When the night arrived we were very excited, and in the evening I told her that I had created something very special for her.

A few hours later I was in the middle of our bedroom and she was on her knees behind me, looking at this gift of mine and she smiled.

We put our hands together and made a wish.

I prayed that this moment would be one of the best in her life.

And then she started to kiss me with such tenderness and gratitude that I couldn’t believe it.

I turned around to see what was going on behind me and to see my surprise: the only gift I gave her was actually a bunch of jack-o-lanterns placed one on top of each other.

She told me she was so happy to know that she would get to be with me, but I think she was disappointed and a little bit angry.

And she was right.

I was so wrong.

It was like a knife in my heart. I felt like I wasn’t good enough, that I was wrong, and that I didn’t deserve to be happy and that life wasn’t the way it should be.

We were not in a relationship. We had this beautiful bond that we shared, but we weren’t in love.

This is when I started to look for an answer to my problem.

I started to read, and at the same time I did a lot of talking and soul searching.

And finally, I found something that I didn’t know: I was a slave to my emotions.

I didn’t realize that, as humans, we are all born free and that we all deserve to be happy.

Life is precious, and if it wasn’t so, we wouldn’t know it.

I want to let you know that you can be happy.

You can have a great life, even when you don’t feel it.

When you feel that you don’t deserve to be happy, you are a slave to your emotions.

They tell you that you are not good enough, and if that is true, then your life is not good enough.

So let’s say something: You can be happy, and you can deserve to be happy.

You can wake up in the morning, and you can feel good and positive and energetic and be happy.

You can start your day and feel happy, instead of worrying about what others will think of you or about what you have done wrong.


By remembering that you are a free human being.

You are a child of God. You can and you do deserve to be happy. You are free.

We are all born free, and I invite you to remember that.

Life is precious. If you feel that it is not, then you are a slave to your emotions.

That’s just too easy. You’ve been telling yourself, “Well, I don’t deserve to be happy.”

Life is precious.

That is a very, very important thing to remember. You have a great life. You do deserve to be happy.

Let’s say it agn: You do deserve to be happy.

You can be happy. You do deserve to be happy.

You can make yourself happy. You can do this with God’s help.

We talk a lot about what God can do, but what about you?

What can you do to feel happy?

I will tell you what you can do.

You can be happy.

If you don’t know what to do, I’ll tell you.

First, you can be kind to yourself. You can treat yourself like you want to be treated, like the child you are. You can make yourself a priority. You can make sure that you are loved. You can love yourself.

Second, you can love others. You can have compassion for others.

Third, you can trust God. You can ask Him for help. You can trust His help to you, because He will help you.

Fourth, you can work. I don’t mean that in the sense of “You should do this.” I mean in the sense of “You can do this.” You can work. You can try something. You can be persistent. You can be hard-working. You can be creative.

All these things.

None of these things alone will make you happy, but if you do all of these things, you will feel happy. That’s what I would do.

How will you do this?

The same way I’m going to do it.

If I was going to be able to do all of these things, I wouldn’t say I’m going to do them.

I would say,

“I’m going to be happy.”

I’m going to be happy.

I know I will be happy.

I’m going to be happy.

I’m going to be happy.


That’s what I’m going to do.

That’s what I’m going to do.

That’s what I’m going to do.


And that’s what I did.

(It doesn’t mean that you should be happy, though.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t be sad.

It just means that it’s a choice.

So, if you’re sad, you can choose to be happy.

We’re only saying, “You have a choice.”)

Okay, so we’ve talked about “I’m going to be happy.” That’s one way to make yourself happy.

Now we’ll talk about the other way.

Do I need to talk about

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