How long are cats in heat

How long are cats in heat

How long are cats in heat?

Pussycats in heat.

My cat has been in heat for 6 weeks now. I am very worried, she is a year old black cat with white fur.

My cat is a Maine coon (I believe), she also has a white coat.

She has had kittens twice. Once was a female and her 2 sisters are all males. The other was a male and his sister was female. I am really worried because they were all born deformed.

Both kittens had problems, one was blind in one eye, another had her eye lids missing.

What can I do to save my cat? I can't get a vet because my dad is allergic to them, I don't know what to do. I really want to keep my cat because she has no children in the world to care for her. Can I get her spayed or is it too late?

She has been in heat for 6 weeks now and the last time she came in heat, it was very hard for me to see her because of her eyes.

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