Lone star dog ranch rescue

Lone star dog ranch rescue

Lone star dog ranch rescue

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"My name is G.L.C. , also known as "The Lone Star Dog." I've been on this Earth for about 9 years now. I've been adopted by the three of you. If you could take me with you wherever you go and help me grow and learn I would be very happy and grateful. Thank you." --The Lonely Star Dog

The Lone Star Dog Ranch Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill Texas dog ranch that rescues dogs from high-kill dog pound shelters and breeds them for future adoption to qualified homes. Many of the dogs they rescue have been abused, neglected, starving and/or living on kennels their entire lives. Their goal is to educate people about the importance of adopting their dogs, as well as fostering and adopting from other shelters.

They have a Facebook page, as well as an email newsletter, which they send out to over 400 subscribers, informing them of their rescue dogs for adoption. If you would like to subscribe to the email, go to their website and click on the "SUBSCRIBE" link at the top of the page. They also have a Twitter account.



Lone Star Dog Ranch Rescue was founded in April 2011 by three people. The three founders of the ranch: Matt Brackeen, the founder, the director of the ranch, his wife, Mary, a foster mother and the office manager of the ranch, and Scott Brackeen, Matt's brother, a foster mother and the social media specialist.

In 2010, Matt had rescued a puppy from the pound in Fort Worth that would be named the Lone Star Boy. Since then, he has also rescued a male Rottweiler from the pound, named Blue, and a German Shepherd, named Maverick.

Matt has also fostered and adopted numerous dogs from high-kill dog pound shelters. Many of those rescued dogs have come from the Central Texas Animal Shelter in Georgetown and the DFW Animal Shelter in Fort Worth. He also works with the Paws to Read program in his area and volunteers his time to foster dogs for the Texas Longhorn Foundation and the Animal Welfare League of Fort Worth.

Matt Brackeen

Matt and his wife, Mary, are passionate about adoption. He is also the director of the ranch. Matt and Mary live in Fort Worth with their two adopted dogs and a cat. Matt graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in psychology, and he works as a psychotherapist for children.

Scott Brackeen

Scott Brackeen is Matt's brother. He is the social media specialist. He volunteers for the Paws to Read program in Austin, Texas. He has also adopted a dog from the Animal Welfare League of Fort Worth.

David Brackeen

David Brackeen is Matt and Scott's brother. He is the ranch manager. He is also the best friend to their dog, Maverick. David has adopted four dogs, including one from the DFW Animal Shelter and another from a high-kill pound in Dallas. He also fosters dogs from the Animal Welfare League of Fort Worth. David is the owner of his own construction company, Dave's Building LLC, and he also works for the City of Arlington and several different local construction companies.

David's father, Matt Brackeen, is the ranch manager and Matt's brother. David's mother is Mary Brackeen, Matt and Mary's daughter.

Matt's wife is Mary Brackeen. Mary's mother is Janet Brackeen.

Janet Brackeen

Janet Brackeen has worked as a ranch manager for years. She also works as the office manager at a different local business. Janet is married to Matt's father, Matt Brackeen. She has two sons and one daughter.

Diane Brackeen

Diane Brackeen is Matt's wife. She and Matt have two grown children.

Matt's parents are Janet Brackeen and Matt Brackeen. Matt's mother is Mary Brackeen.

Matt's paternal grandfather is Dr. Robert Brackeen, a veterinarian who also served as the veterinarian on the television series of the same name.

Matt's paternal grandmother is Marjorie Brackeen, a famous singer.

Matt's paternal uncle is Dr. Michael Brackeen, a veterinarian and medical doctor who serves as the veterinarian on the television show of the same name.

Matt's paternal aunts are Mary Brackeen, Dr. Margaret Brackeen and Elizabeth Brackeen.

Matt's paternal uncle's first wife is Marjorie Brackeen.

Marjorie Brackeen

Marjorie Brackeen, a famous singer, is Matt's mother. Marjorie's father is the famed bandleader Bobby Brackeen, who also served as the bandleader on the television series of the same name.

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