Cool dogs ice cream

Cool dogs ice cream

Cool dogs ice cream. No, seriously. A little ice cream truck rolls around and serves the most adorable treats: hand-made, one-of-a-kind ice cream topped with chocolate chips and sprinkled with nuts. It's like you're being hit with sweet, salty, crunchy delight. And while the line might be long, the treats are worth it. At The Creamery ($1.75-$3), this New Orleans-inspired spot specializes in homemade, grass-fed ice cream made with local products. Expect to pay a small premium for the extra-local and organic ingredients. There's also a location at The Grove Shopping Center.

Carmelita's Tacos ($3-4) A local favorite, you may have noticed the Carmelita's drive-thru. This spot is known for its tacos, and you'll find the majority of these with pulled pork. Other popular tacos include green chile, pinto beans, beef and shrimp. The tortillas are freshly handmade.

Ginger &, Company ($3-6) As soon as you walk into this Asian fusion spot, you'll feel the vibrant, friendly, comforting vibe. The brightly colored walls and wooden booth seating add to the Asian aesthetic, but the comfort food is truly the star. Expect to find pad thai, chicken fried rice, curry fried rice and rice noodles — all cooked with care and served with an extensive and authentic Asian selection of condiments.

Luna ($4) This local favorite is a modern Mexican restaurant that offers an array of creative fare that will hit all the right notes. Try the tacos, which are served with house-made salsa or pico de gallo, rice and black beans. The quesadilla is a must. Or go for the tacos de guisado, a plate full of saucy goodness. At this casual spot, get a taste of the flavors of Mexico without any unnecessary extras.

Mo's on the Hill ($3.75) This family-friendly restaurant boasts a menu with a little something for every member of the family. The burgers are popular, but so are the pastas and the wings. The tacos are tasty, and the chicken nachos are always a hit. And if you're still feeling a bit peckish, ask for a side of potato salad, a sweet potato pie or even a house-made lemonade.

Papa Rico ($5) One of our favorite eateries on the North Side of Columbus, this casual spot serves up some of the best pizza in the area. When you're in the mood for pizza, you'll likely end up back here. The pies are made with the freshest dough, toppings and sauces, and the cheese and vegetables are of the highest quality.

Pizza by Pat's ($4-7) Pizza comes in lots of different shapes, sizes and tastes. Pat's is a favorite among those who prefer a simple pie. The crispy crust and all the right ingredients make this the best of the chain. But if you're feeling a little fancy, opt for their pizzas with garlic butter, pesto or balsamic tomatoes.

Salad in a Slice ($6.99) Salads are one of our favorite things to eat. We like ours with crispy chicken, bacon and cheese. What's better than a salad in a slice? That's what Salad in a Slice is: a salad in a slice. The crispy rice rice salad is great, but we enjoy the veggie version as well. Either way, you'll leave full and satisfied.

Taco Loco ($2.25) This hole-in-the-wall spot is not your average taco truck. It's located on the North Side of town, but this place's menu is anything but average. From the homemade mole to the Mexican soda, all the food is well-made and the portions are generous. The corn tortillas are super fresh, and the taco meat has just the right amount of seasoning. And the tortilla chips are made in-house.

The Chicken 'n Waffles ($6.99) This spot takes its chicken and waffles to a whole new level with its chicken cordon bleu waffle. Chicken and bacon are served inside the waffle and on top of it, and it tastes like a meal unto itself. Everything here is delicious, from the chicken to the sauce. It's sweet and savory all at once and a perfect way to start the day.

Muttz ($6.95) The Muttz has plenty of healthy alternatives to your standard breakfast burrito. There's the chicken and waffles sandwich, turkey bacon burger, breakfast bowl and even the eggroll. This healthy spot is also full of flavor and variety. In addition to its healthy options, Muttz also offers an extensive dessert menu.

Muttz makes everything in-house. Even the breakfast burrito is baked fresh daily.

The Muttz even offers healthy breakfast options.

El Rey ($6.95) El Rey is a newcomer to the breakfast burrito scene, but is quickly gaining a following. This taco truck serves up healthy and hearty options from scratch. The breakfast burrito is made with house-roasted pork and the egg is served in a whole-wheat baguette, which is baked in a separate oven from the one that bakes the tortilla. The tacos are also made from scratch, including the pork and fish tacos, and all of the meat and seafood is hormone-free. These are the best breakfast burritos in town.

The breakfast burritos are fresh and made to order.

In addition to the burritos, El Rey also serves up a variety of tacos and quesadillas. And don't forget to try the green sauce.

Gusto ($7.50) Gusto isn't a newcomer to the breakfast burrito scene. The truck has been around for a few years, but gained notoriety when a local blogger named Kameron McAfee created a Facebook page for the truck and gained a large following. However, many of his followers were upset that Gusto is a franchise and don't own the rights to their name.

Gusto makes most of its breakfast burritos fresh in the morning.

Gusto offers some of the best breakfast burritos in town.

Gusto even makes its breakfast burrito with house-roasted pork and uses freshly-made tortillas. However, for those that want a bit more variety, Gusto offers a traditional breakfast burrito, a breakfast burrito with chicken and a breakfast burrito with chorizo. The best part is they are all handmade in the morning, so you can go to Gusto before work or during lunch and get your fix.

To go with their breakfast burritos, Gusto also serves up breakfast tacos, breakfast burritos and breakfast flatbread. The flatbreads come in both regular and spicy versions and the tacos are also house-roasted pork. The tacos are on par with anything you would find at a Mexican restaurant and they are a great option for breakfast tacos in the Bay Area.

Nathan's ($8) Nathan's has been serving a few dishes at their breakfast time spot in Redwood City since 2012. The truck serves breakfast burritos, but that isn't their main focus.

Breakfast burritos at Nathan's are made with house-roasted pork.

At Nathan's, they have a good selection of breakfast burritos and tortas. While the breakfast burritos are made from scratch, they are also pretty simple.

In addition to the burritos, Nathan's

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