Why does my dog moan when i pet her

Why does my dog moan when i pet her

Why does my dog moan when i pet her?

Why does my dog moan when i pet her?

So my dog moan when i pat her, i dont understand why?


Hello dear,

I understand the situation you are in. I am also a puppy owner. It was an early morning when I saw him moaning while I was petting him. He was moaning so loud that I thought he will not be able to sleep agn.

So I brought him inside the house and placed him to sleep. After he slept, I brought him back outside the house, and he was fine agn, after petting him.

I was really perplexed about the situation, so I searched for the reasons for him moaning, and the answers. I came across an article on the Web, and in that, the writer has written that sometimes puppies get sore from a good grooming, and it affects their sleep.

So it seems you have a dog that got a bad grooming recently, as he was a bit sore, and he was moaning to avoid sleeping.

So I would suggest you to take him to the Veterinarian for a good grooming. This will help him in the future too.

If it doesn't help, I would suggest you to take the petting session away, until he is completely recovered.

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