Can dogs eat prickly pear

Can dogs eat prickly pear

Can dogs eat prickly pear?


No, they don’t eat prickly pear cactus. Instead, they have a few small spines that they get from the surface of the plant.

“A thorn prick on the paw is the most common injury you can get. It can sometimes be pnful, and they are a common thorn prick that most dogs get,” says Dr. Jennifer Smith-Stewart, a University of California-Davis veterinarian who has evaluated many dogs for zooming.

Zooming is defined as injuring, tearing, or puncturing a soft-tissue structure (skin or tissue) to reduce movement.

To prevent further injuries to your dog, keep them off prickly pear cacti and teach them to keep their paws away from it.


I’ve got a dog with a puncture wound on his paw. Should I bring him to the vet?

You should take your dog to the vet if the wound becomes infected, red or pnful, or if he loses a lot of blood.

What’s the difference between a puncture wound and a scrape?

A puncture wound is a full-thickness injury. A scrape is a minor cut.

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