Leaky gut in dogs

Leaky gut in dogs

Leaky gut in dogs - What is it?

I have started reading a lot about Lymes Disease on the net and found a lot of questions.

Here is my Question.

I have a 4 month old male who is neutered and I know that he doesn't eat solid food, but does eat canned food. The vet wants to take a fecal sample to see if there are parasites in his system.

This little guy's appetite is very good. I would have thought he was constipated, but just ate and pooped a small amount.

However, my husband and I are pet-sitting for a dear friend of mine and I told him the other day that we are going to try and give him a diet change (if he will eat it) and not try to force him to eat. I have been trying to work on increasing his diet to avoid giving him too much processed foods.

Since he has a history of a food reaction I am wondering if a diet change would allow his digestive system to get a chance to heal. I am planning on taking him off the food for 3-4 days and then slowly increase his intake of meat.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

Does it sound like a good idea or am I jumping the gun?

Has anyone ever made a transition to a meat based diet?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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Re: Leaky gut in dogs - What is it?

Hello All,

I would definitely try changing his diet to a more meat based one and would be thinking of feeding him with the right balance of meat and rice(not just any normal kibble would do). Rice is the perfect food to try to start him on a meat based diet as it seems to help with his intestinal health. You can find a great site on his diet changes and the link is here.

I would definitely consider starting him on a meat based diet with no rice, and slowly adding in rice to his diet as you work on the protein intake. This would be very important to start with and slowly increase it until you reach around a 50% rice to meat ratio. I would also make sure to do a gradual increase in the amount of proteins you are giving him.

Another thing to consider is that you can probably reduce his intake of gluten to 10-15 grams per day. Gluten is an enzyme that is produced when wheat and rye are processed, so if you give him a large amount of processed foods he would have a large amount of gluten in his diet and so should not be given gluten as a supplement. The best way to get rid of gluten is to feed him a 100% grain free kibble. You can give him rice as a treat as well but make sure you do not overdo the treats. I have a very picky eater so it is important to reward his good behavior, but also to teach him the consequences of bad behavior.

I would also try giving him some rice treats as well as giving him a little high protein treat such as some chicken or beef.

I hope this helps.

If you are too busy to take time to spoil your pets, remember they are busy too!

Thank you for your suggestions

We have changed his diet to a 70/30 mixture of rice and meat. We haven't included his treats since he has been so good without them. We will be reducing his rice and meat intake over the next month. The problem is that his tummy is so distended. He even has a lump that is getting bigger. This is very painful for him and I have never had to medicate him like this.

I guess he is going to stay here for a while until we can get him home

If you are too busy to take time to spoil your pets, remember they are busy too!

Thanks for sharing this. I do wonder if you ever have seen this with any of your other cats. I can see how your cat could have a reaction to grain, but I am still wondering if it would be something similar to the food that you feed your dog. I am going to be very cautious of adding more and more processed foods. When you say that it is difficult to find a GF cat food it would be amazing to know what you look for when buying a GF food for your cat. Do you keep a pet grocery store or are you a couponer at a larger store?

I've never heard of anything like this happening with other cats in the house. I am very cautious of feeding him any processed foods. He is a sweet cat and will eat anything that I offer him and I do not think he is overly picky. I have not seen this happen with any of my other cats.

I'm glad that we had this posted. My wife was able to catch it early, so my son was able to continue to eat real food for several weeks. I can see how much better he will be on a long term diet than he was for the first few weeks.

Thanks for sharing this story with us. It's great that we have so many people in the community interested in sharing their stories. This is a good reminder for everyone that any cat can benefit from a GF diet and that we really do need to feed them REAL food. We all benefit from a good education of what REAL food is and what is not. Thanks for sharing your story.

Thanks for the sharing. I'm glad my post gave you some useful information. I don't know if it's me being too paranoid but this story gave me the creeps. I'm keeping a close eye on him. He's still very active and alert, so hopefully everything will turn out OK.

Thank you for sharing this experience. What I liked most was the fact that this was not an immediate reaction to something he had eaten. His symptoms are still relatively mild, and he's eating again. I think it's quite reasonable that the same problems could have happened at a slightly earlier age. I had read about someone who died from a similar problem of gastric torsion at only one year of age.

I'm glad you shared this story, and I'm glad that your boy survived.

Thanks for your Reply!

Report This| Share this:My 12 year old kitty is 'suddenly' not eatingI'm glad that we had this posted. My wife was able to catch it early, so my son was able to continue to eat real food for a few days. I'm glad he survived.

We had two pets, a dog and a cat, that we kept in the kitchen, since it was the hub of the home. Both suffered from "kitty breath" - they would smell like cat food when they walked through the door. When I put them back into their cages, they immediately began to eat. I didn't really do much about it. I would have put them back in there, if they had eaten all of their food or there were bowls in the kitchen that were overflowing with food.

I'm sorry that your experience with this issue has caused you a bit of trouble. I am sure it was not an enjoyable experience.

Best wishes for your son.

Thanks for your Reply!

Report This| Share this:My 12 year old kitty is 'suddenly' not eatingI'm glad that we had this posted. My wife was able to catch it early, so my