Do bernese mountain dogs shed

Do bernese mountain dogs shed

Do bernese mountain dogs shed more than I thought? In a way, yes. The best thing about puppies is how much they can bring joy to our lives, and what better way to start the year than by taking a peek at what my friend Jess has in store for her new pups? As you can see, the puppies on this page are all about cute – they’re like little puppies in a box for the taking!

As Jess put it:

When the puppies were born, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, this is going to be fun. I can keep them up all night. It’s like a whole little family!’ Now, the puppies sleep about a sixth of the time, and it’s just me and the puppies. There are days when I’m in my pajamas at 9:30 at night, playing with the puppies. It’s pretty fun, but, y’know, it’s also kind of a pain in the ass.

It’s so much work – especially when I’m trying to do it with the dogs up all night. I had to take most of their photos while they were asleep, so I had to be up at night to take them! My house is too quiet for sleeping and playing at night – all that puppy noise just drives me nuts, so I’m so glad I took the puppy photos during the day!

I know you’re excited to see what it’s like to meet a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy. For just $30, you can adopt a puppy today!

To see a puppy’s first shots (and they’re in there somewhere), you’ll need to email Jess – so do that here. I’ve included a link to her adoption page, too, which is the best place to learn about the puppies’ personalities and check out more photos. She’s had about 6-7 pups so far, and they are all doing fabulously.

Want to get some of that action but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? Jess offers a video package for $20. You’ll have to ask her to set that up for you, since the puppy that you adopt will be your pet for the rest of its life.

Thanks for answering all our puppy questions, Jess! The puppies look fantastic, and I can’t wait to see a photo of them. I’ll put up all my questions for Jess on her Facebook page, so be sure to “Like” there so you’re the first to know when Jess answers!

What questions do you have for Jess and how often do you think she’ll answer them?

Do you have any questions for Jess? What topics do you want to see covered? What would you like to see Jess write about?

This is what it’s all about – and now that I’m having such an enjoyable week, I don’t know if I’ll need to ever leave again.

When the people who’ve written books I’ve read about their lives. It’s really a way to learn about how one manages their daily stressors and how they handle the ups and downs of life. That’s why I came up with this column. To show you, from someone who has more than just a few weeks left here on planet earth, what it’s like to live with these ups and downs. I’m hoping that as I go through life, I can learn from my successes and failures.

For someone who can’t help but feel like they’ve had a terrible week, I’ve had an incredible one. In fact, last week was, by far, my best week ever! I started at work with a bang, and the week got off to such a great start that I couldn’t even think about the week ending.

Last Friday I got back from a very productive trip to Kansas City.

It was there that I was able to reconnect with many friends and meet some new ones. We spent a lot of time walking around the city, and I managed to squeeze in a nice round of golf at Pawnee Golf Club.

The day after I got back from Kansas City I went with my daughter to her piano recital. I had so much fun watching her practice. She didn’t think she had any music left in her, but boy was she wrong.

Friday was not only her last recital, but it was the last performance that we were able to go to together as a family. It was also the last time I will be able to take pictures of her all of her practice performances. I’ve already talked to her about it. She’s going to take all of the photos in a year to show her grandchildren the practice sessions. In fact, there’s already an album that’s on the shelf in her room of just those photos. It’s a beautiful and precious thing to see those photos of her growing up.

There’s still some more work to be done on the house. The painting is finished. The wallpapering isn’t. The flooring needs to be installed. But it’s getting there.

All of these projects are still on the schedule. They just won’t all get finished together.

And that’s OK. I think I understand what life is like.

It takes an entire lifetime to build something and not many people have the patience to wait.

We can’t expect to finish everything we start. And, we can’t expect it all to happen at once.

But, it is beautiful to see all of the stages of the projects coming to completion.

And, even though we won’t be able to use the house together, I still see the house getting finished with the whole family in it.

As time goes by, I have come to realize that my grand daughter isn’t actually the whole reason that I am doing all of this.

The house is actually doing it for her.

With every project we finish, every day that passes, we actually help bring her closer.

And, we’ve already completed a major part of that goal.

But, there is still a long way to go.

The house has been slowly transforming into a warm and beautiful home.

And it is only going to get better.

So, while we are waiting on the finished, I’ll just enjoy the process.

And I hope you do, too.

Enjoy it from a warm and cozy kitchen.

Enjoy it from a bright, open-air living room.

Enjoy it from a big bed that sleeps the whole family.

Enjoy it from a bathroom.

Enjoy it from a deck.

Enjoy it from the dining room.

Enjoy it from the basement.

Enjoy it from the loft.

Enjoy it from the attic.

Enjoy it from the front porch.

Enjoy it from the garage.

Enjoy it from the deck off the garage.

Enjoy it from the backyard.

Enjoy it from the roof.

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