Dog chewing on leg

Dog chewing on leg

Dog chewing on leg wires

Our dog chewed and pulled apart the wires in my new electric fence. I put a new set of wires in the ground, put the fence up again and he chewed the new set of wires too. Anyone have a solution for this? He's not attacking anything so far but I don't want the dog messing with the fence anymore.

You probably know that chewing on wires in a fence is not a good idea, but you may not be aware that chewing on wires in extension cords is also not a good idea. If there is a cord with only one wire loose from the plug, it may be worth putting it into some kind of sealant, such as WD-40, to prevent that wire from being chewed. If it is an extension cord for more than one outlet, you might consider putting a non-electrical sealant in one of the outlets, in case that gets chewed.

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You need a dog. We had a Great Dane who would chew anything. He chewed and chewed and chewed, and we wound up with a mess. When we got our first Boxer, there was no problem for many, many years. And then one day we had a very bad time with this Boxer. He chewed a pair of pliers and chewed a coat hanger, with no apparent purpose. We figured he was so confused we got an electric dog fence, but he chewed the fence, too. Now we have a little Yorkie with a lot of energy, who is still chewing everything, including cables, extension cords, and a computer cable for goodness sake. Don't think he doesn't know how to use those tools. He loves to chew.

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I have a cat who loves to eat my cords, and my last extension cord has been chewed quite a bit. I keep some anti-chew stuff in the closet for this very reason. But I don't think my cat can do this.

"It is long been a principle of ours that one man's devil is another's angel."

When I have a wire or an extension cord or a plastic storage box that has been chewed through, I wrap it in a rag and sew the rag in place. It provides a barrier between the dog and the wire and allows the dog to still have the use of the wire for things like tug-of-war. In most cases, he is less interested in the rag as the main target and is more interested in the wire itself.

I have one that likes to chew on wires...I just have to replace them after a month or so, it isn't too bad but my parents are constantly replacing my old extension cords.

Mine does that, too, and chews up the cords with such fury that it is a miracle that any of the ones I bought last time haven't gotten damaged beyond repair.

I don't have a problem with him chewing extension cords. It seems to be his habit, though I haven't yet observed him to chew them up to that extent. I got one, and he chews things all the time. I don't blame him for doing that. My last two dogs, though, have taken on the task of chew deterrents themselves. They both are very, very smart, as well. When they chew something, they chew it in a way that doesn't actually damage it. They don't eat it, they chew a big hole, get sick of it, spit it out and then chew on something else. They aren't destructive like the original dog was, just smarter and funnier.

I don't have a problem with my dogs chewing anything, my biggest problem is when they bite each other when they get in fights. Or when they rip stuff up because they're so hyper. My most vocal dog is a black labrador retriever named Brat (although we call him Muck). We bought him as a pup and we were given him as a gift. We knew this guy was a troublemaker and we had heard of the reputation his owners had for their dogs. I always figured that if we ever had to give him away, they wouldn't be able to tell how much he had been given as a gift because he'd just be another normal dog. My wife, however, wanted him back when we went to buy a new dog. They gave us one that we didn't even like and we gave him back. We took him as a second dog when we moved into our new house and he has been with us ever since. As the saying goes, we ended up with him for life and he is my favorite dog.

This is not to say that he doesn't have a lot of issues. In the past, his favorite food was the top of the dog's poop. He would sit on the front lawn and wait for us to finish our work, then go over to the trash bin and make his feast. We had to train him out of this, although we are unsure how. When it happened, we took the lid off the container and took it into the kitchen. He sat down next to it, put his feet up on the rim and proceeded to go at it. He has never touched anything like that since. He does, however, have very strong territorial issues, especially when I take a nap on the living room couch. The problem is he really doesn't understand the concept of "off limits." When I take my nap, he will jump on the couch and then go back into the living room. I have to move everything from the couch to my bed. He is very possessive of me and the living room and I have to live with it.

He is also very vocal, very much like his brother. I will be talking to someone and in an instant, he will decide that he wants to be in my space. If I am talking on the phone, he will pick up his head and stand up and begin a chorus of barking. I have learned to walk away from him and if he follows, I will end up in the kitchen or office (with the door closed). He also does this when I am getting ready to shower and will bark incessantly when I pull the door open. In this case, if I end up yelling, he will stop and look back at me, but otherwise, I have to deal with the barking.

He is very much a "take charge" dog. He loves to walk and loves to herd. He is also very much a "take charge" dog when I am trying to take a nap. He is very possessive and will try to be as close to me as possible. When I put my head down on the couch or bed, he will lay down right next to me. If I try to move, he will bark, and if I walk over to the other side of the couch, he will follow. If I close my eyes for a second, he will jump up and demand to know what I am doing. His barking is very loud, so I have learned to just ignore him and hope he will find a different way to express his territorial need. He will also get in the middle of things if I am playing with the baby. I have to be extremely careful not

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