Dogo argentino with ears

Dogo argentino with ears

Dogo argentino with ears of rabbit

The dog argentino with ears of rabbit (Toxostoma maculatum) is a species of medium-sized to large dog-sized lagomorphs native to northern South America and the southern United States. This species of raccoon dog is a medium-sized rodent which lives in a variety of habitats and has a relatively low population density. It has been described as nocturnal, and its diet consists of a variety of small animals, seeds, grasses, fruits, insects, and fungi. This dog raccoon has been compared to the black-footed ferret for its hunting and hunting strategy, and in particular for having a large body size.


The dog argentino with ears of rabbit is known in Brazil by the vernacular names cão de lagarto, cão de guareira and, in Colombia, puma grande (in Spanish) and puma. It is also called tigre de lagarto or puma, although both names may refer to any number of species in the genus Panthera, including the jaguar and puma. In the past the species was also named jackal or, more correctly, jackal-dog, but this refers to a jackal-like subspecies from northern South America, rather than the true dog argentino.

Several subspecies of the argentino have been described, although many of these are not considered valid by current authors. One of these is tuxuzu (T. maculatum bennettii) of Paraguay, described by Charles L. Bennett in 1902. Bennett proposed T. m. tuxuzu was "differentiated from all other types by its long ears, the fur having long hairs between the toes." It has been suggested that this animal may actually be a form of the capybara, the only extant species of rodent in the genus Hydrochaeris. Due to the lack of consensus on this matter, Bennett's description of this animal has been disputed.


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