Can dogs have pasta

Can dogs have pasta

Can dogs have pasta?


We eat it. It's good for your dog, but it's best to keep it to once a week or less. We have it once a week, but only twice a month (once for Thanksgiving, once for Easter, and then it's not allowed). We feed it at the table with our family. It doesn't last long with our kids, but we feed it at night and make it last the whole weekend. We don't feed it after 7pm, so it's usually eaten by 2am at night. It is a big hit!


In theory, yes, it could help keep your dog's weight in check by filling them up with more water, or other similar foods, so that they don't have a large portion of empty space in their gut.

In reality, however, it won't be helpful for them, and it would just make their diet taste like cardboard, and be harder for them to digest.

So, no. It would be a bad idea.


I've been working with dogs for about 15 years now and I've never heard of that before, even though we have had to take care of pets with special dietary requirements.

I would imagine, however, that you shouldn't expect much from it. Dog foods that are meant to be high in protein aren't the right choice for dogs that aren't as active. It's not just that they're not going to need the protein, but that they won't be able to digest it. They will also likely feel nauseated if they eat it.

The thing with the pastas, on the other hand, is that they contain the gluten, so if your dog is allergic to it, they might be in danger. So they would be good if the allergy isn't an issue.

If I had to guess, I'd say you could make it work. But I'd try it first to see what the results are. If it doesn't work well, I'd probably just let it go.

Also, if you have a dog with food allergies, you may want to try to get a good allergen-free food for them. The ingredients are listed on the package. But it will probably be cheaper than the $200 you paid for the dog food you bought.

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