Florida gators dog collar

Florida gators dog collar

Florida gators dog collar

Florida gators dog collar

Florida gators dog collar

It is not easy to take down a gator, but it is not nearly as difficult as it was when I did it with my first gator, which was in the Everglades. I've done two over the past year. First in the Tampa Bay area and now in Florida. To be able to do it agn on a smaller scale for another gator is pretty exciting. This is our second year of Florida gator hunting and I am learning a lot about it each year. The first year I didn't really have a clue. And the second year, I've learned a lot. I hope you get to experience the thrill of that first Florida gator. My advice to you is to not kill that gator. Please take it down in the humane and respectful way that gator is supposed to go down, as it's being fed by your gator dog. To be a good Florida gator dog owner, you have to have a few things. First and foremost is a gator dog, but in a gator dog the most important is your attitude. You need to take on that attitude that there is no better feeling than having a gator in your mouth.

As a gator dog owner, you have to have the confidence and respect for this huge animal. This huge gator can be a real nuisance for you. But at the same time you have a responsibility to be a good gator dog owner and a good gator dog handler. You have to take this to heart. You have to look at the big picture. You have to look at this as a job. I have three gator dogs now and I'm having the time of my life doing it. You have to love this. If you don't love this, then it's not really a fun thing to do, even though it may be a challenge. It can be challenging for a lot of people. You have to be open-minded and not have a closed mind. You have to have the love for this.

When I first started teaching Florida gator dogs I had one class where we actually went to a gator farm in St. Pete. I had an old black and white gator named Bambi. She had some really funky teeth. Bambi would do this goofy dance, she would do this funny little waddle. She was a wonderful dog. I loved her. I used to teach at the State University of Florida. Then she came to me at this gator farm. The gator farmer was telling me that she was the best gator dog he had ever trned. She had a problem with a gator that had a snake.

That gator farm was a gator farm where they trned people to be gator dog handlers. It was a very well-known gator trning school and gator hunting school. They had a bunch of different animals. They had some alligators, they had crocodiles. They had lots of different animals there. They had gator dogs there. So we went there and I got to start working with Bambi. I had her doing commands with the kids. I had kids petting her. That was fun. I was kind of proud of her.

The next day the gator farmer went and took the other gator dog that he had trned with me to Bambi's school and he just let her try to trn with them. She lost! She would come up to them. She would say the command, then she would go under them. But they didn't get it. They would never trn with her. The farmer sd, "Bambi, she's too weird. She's too crazy." I didn't understand it. He was telling me she was the best dog he ever trned with. I went up to him and sd, "Why don't you try her with me?" I sd, "I can teach you how to trn her." I trned her for about two weeks. I was teaching him. I was trning him. He wasn't even an expert at gator trning. I was giving him lessons.

I took her out to a pond and sd, "Bambi, you go out there and if you see a gator, you get him. You get the dog with the gator. You have to grab it by the leg. You have to take it, and you have to go down. You can't play with them. You have to grab it by the leg. You can't play with the gator." I was using the rope I had made that he had given to me. I had gotten him for Christmas when I was pregnant with her. I had to show him how to trn her. I didn't want to trn him. I just wanted to show him how I trned her.

She took him out to the gator pond. All hell broke loose. She wasn't having anything to do with him. He couldn't grab her. She had the gator on the leg. She had to go down. She went strght for the water. She went down right into the water. She grabbed the gator by the leg and pulled it in the water. He sd, "You bitch. I'm gonna get you. I'm gonna kill you." He grabbed her and she was biting his hands. I was going crazy. I grabbed the dog and sd, "You're biting me. You have to go." She finally took the gator. She went out to the pond, got the gator by the leg and pulled it into the water. She took it right down and put it on the bottom of the pond. It didn't bother her. I didn't tell him that she did that because I was so much better than he was. I was going to get him. He was afrd that she would bite his ass agn.

I left and came back to get her, and that was the last time that I trned him. I wasn't going back there. He went and got another dog. I trned that dog.

A man is a man. He is not a woman. He is not a child. A woman should not be trning a man. If she says, "I am your mother," he's gonna think that you're an idiot. He is a man. He will listen to you if you're an adult, but he will not listen to you as a woman if you're a child. He's going to have to be treated like an adult.

I trned my children. I'm going to make sure that they are grown, mature, and understanding when they reach that age. He's not going to have to get caught up in this thing where he's treating them like they are kids. They're not kids. I trned them. They're just going to have to learn.


## Telling the Truth and Having Courage

**_I_** t's about time that I tell you the truth. I am a black woman that has been raped and beaten. I have been married four times. I have been pregnant before and given birth. I have had two abortions. I have survived two separate rape attempts. I am a woman. When I say that I was raped, I am not making excuses for anybody else. I am not justifying or excusing anything. What I'm saying is the truth.

I am the mother of two grown sons, a son in college and a son that I lost a long time ago. The first time that he was raped, I thought that that was the end of me. The second time, I was pregnant and in a mental institution. The third time, I lost

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