Why does my dog lay on my clothes

Why does my dog lay on my clothes

Why does my dog lay on my clothes when he curls up?

Many dogs love to lay on your clothes, and it may be easy to let your dog cuddle up in your bed without noticing. However, when your dog does this, it can be an indication of stress or a health issue that needs to be investigated by your veterinarian. If your dog does cuddle up on your clothes, it could be a number of reasons. It may be that he does not like change in his life. As he adapts to new circumstances, he may also find comfort in your clothes.

Other possible reasons may include boredom, stress, anxiety, being sick, or even fear. Your vet may wish to further assess your dog before coming up with a suitable treatment plan. If he does this often, he may want to monitor your dog’s sleep patterns or stress levels, so that he can determine the root of the problem. If he is not able to find any reason for your dog’s comfort in your clothes, or if he thinks your dog may be sick, then he may suggest that you keep an eye on him in the next few days and see how he changes.

Should I worry if my dog seems to hide in bed when stressed?

Your dog may choose to hide in your bed when he is anxious. It is one of the signs of many ailments that dogs can have. Your vet may ask you to bring your dog to see him if he sees or does this when he is stressed. Even though this is a great way of getting to know your vet, there may be other reasons why your dog would do this.

If your dog does do this, then this could be a sign of aggression, fear, jealousy, anxiety, depression, and many other emotional or mental conditions that can affect a dog. It is best to ask your vet whether or not to be concerned about your dog when he does this. If your dog seems aggressive, then it is advisable to keep him away from others. Also, if you are uncomfortable with any of the behavior that your dog has, do not hesitate to seek advice from a vet.

What to do if your dog hides in bed and can’t be found?

If you cannot find your dog for several hours, then he could have been frightened. If this has happened, then the best thing to do is to get your dog out of the house. Do not worry about how this will appear to other people, especially if your dog’s behavior has been consistent. Just keep him safe and quiet in his own home.

If your dog has been in a situation that he felt frightened, then he may not remember or may be uncomfortable with what happened. If you take him to the vet, you might be advised to leave a few of his belongings behind for him to calm down or feel more secure.

Can I expect my dog to be aggressive with other dogs?

Your dog may be more likely to be aggressive if he is from a family or has been in a home where another dog has been abusive. If your dog is in such a home and you are not prepared to help him, then you should seriously consider re-homing him. If you don’t want your dog to be around other dogs or to be the victim of abuse or attacks, then you need to find him a new home.

Is it normal for my dog to be aggressive with people?

If your dog is aggressive with people and he shows no signs of aggression with other animals, then this may be normal. Also, if your dog is frightened in certain situations and he displays aggression with you and other animals, it may be a behavior that he has learned and is passing on to other animals. If he seems more aggressive when he is frightened, then this may be because he is still learning what is considered aggressive behavior. Your dog may learn to trust you in certain situations, but not in others. If this is the case, you should seek out a professional animal behaviorist who can give you the advice and help you need to understand your dog and how to improve his behavior.

Have you ever had to re-home a dog because of aggression problems? Tell us your story.


Thanks for this article. My dog was rescued from an attack by a pit bull. The people had been neglecting and mistreating him. The person who brought him in said she wasn't ready to rehome him yet, but wanted to get the aggression under control before she brought him home again. The dog ended up being aggressive around other dogs, she didn't want to take him back to her. I was wondering if it would be advisable to spay the dog? And what would be the consequences if the dog was neutered?

My dog is a little over 2 years old. He was rescued from a dognapping when he was about a year old. My sister-in-law lives in the area where the dognapping happened and called me right away. The dog was given up because the owner had been told her dog was pregnant.

We went to the place where the dognapping occurred and were told he was spayed, but it was a lie. The dog was not spayed. I then took her to an animal hospital for examination and they put the dog on anti-nausea medication and took X-rays and blood work. They did not catch anything and she was well. They let her go home.

We later took her to the shelter for adoption, which is where we got her. We were told that there were some people who did not want a pregnant dog and let her go.

My question is, is this a good thing that she was spayed? What would be the consequences of having not been spayed? I'm thinking about having her spayed and she needs to be spayed soon. Would that be safe?

What would happen if a dog was not spayed and was able to have puppies? Would she have multiple litters or just one?

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If your dog is already older than a year or two, and has been through the spay/neuter, it is fine for her to be kept intact. A female intact dog can still ovulate until about 2 years old, so it's highly unlikely that she could get pregnant and have puppies, but she could still have some puppies without the vet/shelter/etc doing anything about it.

You may be correct in your suspicion that the dog was told it was pregnant, when it wasn't. That happens to a fair number of people who end up with unplanned pregnancies, and they may not necessarily tell the vet/shelter that they know their dog isn't pregnant. But even if they do tell the vet/shelter/etc, a few weeks later they may come back with an animal that isn't spayed. Some shelters take great care

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