What is a jellicle cat

What is a jellicle cat

What is a jellicle cat?

In Harry Potter, there is a species of cat called a jellicle cat, which has green fur with jellicles instead of whiskers. What do they look like? How are they related to cats?

How do they move?

Jellicles move in slow motion. They do have their feet, but they're really just big paws and they mostly crawl on all fours. In The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, there is an animated jellicle cat called Roo. The cat moves very fast and jumps a lot.

Who are the cats of the Muggle world?

Jellicles are not just Muggle cats. There are some magical cats, but they're a bit different. Most of them are brown and grey, and they have whiskers. Like in our world, they can also be white. They can be anything.

Jellicles are not very well-known. Why?

The author of the books, J.K. Rowling, didn't write a lot of description for them in the books. Sometimes when she's trying to explain something, the author will give a little bit of description.

The only jellicles we've seen in the movies so far are in Harry Potter. Why not in the books?

In the books, jellicles aren't really a very big deal. They're just mentioned in passing. It's kind of like how we don't see a lot of other Muggle-born cats in the books. It was the same way with the Dementors in Harry Potter, because the jellicle cats were never really a big deal.

If jellicles were real, how would they move?

A jellicle cat would probably move in slow motion, like a jellicle snail. I've always thought that. Maybe they could have long claws like the jellicle snails have. And what do you think they are eating?

What would you do if you met a jellicle?

I would ask it if it was a normal cat or a jellicle cat. If it was a jellicle cat, I would ask if it had any siblings. If it didn't, I'd play with it, and if it did, I would sit and watch and listen.

Do jellicles talk?

Jellicles talk, but not to people. They talk to themselves.

Can they read?

A jellicle cat can't read, because when you read, you have to be thinking. It's like having a conversation with a person.

And their thoughts are what?

I don't know. I don't think they have thoughts.

Is there a jellicle movie?

No, but I'm pretty sure there will be.

Did you know that jellicles are extinct?

I didn't know they were extinct, but I didn't think they were. I think they're still out there somewhere. Maybe they're underground. Maybe they can only come out in the summer, like the jellicles in The Little Mermaid.

If you were a jellicle, what would you be?

I think I'd be a jellicle cat, because that's what I am.

Have a nice day!

## **chapter four**

#### **# **Jellicles!**

Have you ever wondered what jellicles are? Well, I'll tell you all about it!

Jellicles are an endangered species. Scientists think there are maybe one or two jellicles left.

Jellicles don't live in the same place as humans. They live in Australia and New Guinea. I don't know where New Guinea is, but I know Australia is pretty big. I think the humans like to hunt the jellicles, but the jellicles don't like to live in a human place. They live somewhere else.

I've seen a jellicle. It was in a book I was reading. I think it's pretty and shiny. There was a little boy named Billy. He was with a pack of humans. They were going to kill him, but they got scared. I think that was because he reminded them of a jellicle. They put him on a boat and took him away.

I want to find one of my own.

I want to go where the jellicles live!

There is a jellicle out there somewhere.

I want to be a jellicle!

## **chapter five**

#### **# **The Mermaid's Revenge**

In the middle of the ocean, there are a bunch of islands. All the islands are tiny. They're so tiny that when the rain comes down, they're even smaller.

There are a lot of different kinds of islands. Some are big. Some are tiny. Some are nice. Some are dirty.

#### **The North Island**

##### **The North Island**

The North Island is the biggest. It's mostly water. It's surrounded by islands. There are lots of sharks on it. Sometimes there's a shark that can take me out of the water. I think he thinks I'm a human.

I know a mermaid isn't a shark.

Sometimes there's a shark that takes me out of the water and into a boat. A boat is something that's made by humans. I don't know why they make boats out of humans.

One time I found myself on a beach on the North Island. I was playing. The sun was shining. The water was bright. The water wasn't so cold. There were a lot of crabs, too.

The beach was covered with seaweed. There were crabs all over it.

Then I saw a mermaid.

She was covered with seaweed. There were crabs on her. I saw some things that looked like crab shells. They were really small, but they were very hard. I didn't know what they were. I didn't want to get closer. I didn't want to touch them.

I didn't know what I was going to do.

I knew I was going to play, but the way she was walking was weird. It was like she was trying to go somewhere. She was moving toward the water. She was kind of slow.

She looked sad, like she had a sad secret. She moved toward the water. She moved slowly, like she was trying to work something out. I didn't know what she was going to do. She was really trying. I watched her as she got close to the water. She was in there for a long time. She stayed in the water for a long time. I wanted to go swimming with her, but I was too scared. I couldn't.

Then she came back out. She came out with a whole lot of seaweed in her hands. It wasn't just seaweed. There were a whole bunch of little seashells in there. She gave them to me.

I watched her go back into the water. I watched her from far away. I didn't want her to see me. I was glad she left. I didn't want to have to see her anymore. I didn't want to have to touch her. I didn't want her to see me.

I got back to the boat and told Mum. She asked me how the mermaids looked.

I didn't want to talk about it. I didn't want to say anything

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