Cat claw trimming service

Cat claw trimming service

Cat claw trimming service

Cats can look really ugly if they have mats, mats, mats in their claws. At My Claw Care we can trim your cat’s claws at a rate that is affordable. Trimming of the claws is easy but a lot of cats will not like the process. It is recommended that you trim your cat’s claws regularly for your cat to have healthy claws and for safety reasons.

How often to trim the claws

You need to trim your cat’s claws regularly. Generally, it is recommended that your cat’s claws are trimmed once a week. You can either do this yourself or bring your cat in for us to do it. For cats that have very long claws, you might need to trim them more often. You can also trim your cat’s claws if they are very dirty and need to be cleaned.

Trimming your cat’s claws regularly will ensure that their claws are healthy and strong. If your cat has damaged claws you need to have them looked at to make sure they are not infected.

We can also provide other cat grooming services such as nail trims for the feet of your cat. If your cat has dry feet you can call in for our services. We can then trim your cat’s nails and wash their feet.

Cats claw trimming service details

Cats claw trimming service is a relatively simple procedure. You can bring your cat to us or we can come to your home.

Cats claw trimming is done in the comfort of your own home. You will only need to provide your cat a warm towel so they can relax.

A cat’s claw is cut in the same way as a dog’s nails. We can cut each of your cat’s claws on their respective paw.

We only trim a little off each claw but it is enough for your cat to feel a little bit better when they walk.

How much does cat claw trimming cost?

Costs for cat claw trimming vary depending on the size of the cat and whether the cat has their claws clipped. We can usually provide a quote at the end of the procedure.

We can generally provide your cat with their claws clipped for a small fee of between £7 and £10.

Please do ask us a question about our cat claw trimming services and receive a very affordable quote.

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A full service cat groomer will provide your cat with their claws clipped. A cat groomer is qualified to perform this service. The average time for the procedure is between one and three minutes.

A groomer will trim your cat’s nails, wash their feet, de-flea and de-louse them. We usually charge between £7 and £10 for a cat to have their claws clipped.

When will my cat’s claws be clipped?

We can clip your cat’s claws at any time. We will clip your cat’s claws every time you have them cathed for or at any time you request.

Clipping your cat’s claws can take between one and three minutes.

Why do we need to clip your cat’s claws?

Clipping your cat’s claws is usually done because your cat’s claws are becoming an embarrassment. The main reasons for clipping your cat’s claws is that your cat can have health problems as a result of their claws becoming longer and harder. We will also trim the tips of your cat’s claws.

Your cat will still need to be de-flea and de-louse.

How often do we need to clip your cat’s claws?

We clip your cat’s claws twice a year. If your cat has been wearing a boot and the claws are now visible and getting longer. Clipping your cat’s claws can also help if they have been scratched on any rough surfaces, such as tree branches.

What do I need to provide?

You will need to provide two pieces of ID which you must bring with you. Your cat needs to be microchipped and have a health certificate. You also need to provide us with a list of your cat’s immunisations. We can advise you on these before your cat is neutered.

Is there anything you will need from your cat?

You need to provide us with your cat’s vaccination details, for example we will need to know what type of vaccine they have been immunised against and when it was administered. This is required in order to do our work.

Is there a limit to the number of cats I can bring to be neutered?

No, there is no limit on how many cats you can bring for a neutering procedure. It is usually around 3-5. We do not know the breed of your cat or how they interact. You can either arrange to bring them in on the day you call to book your cat’s neutering, or you can arrange to have them neutered a day before your cat arrives. You will be advised of the arrangements if you are taking your cat to be neutered for the first time. If it is the second time they are being neutered the owner and vet must arrange this.

Are the cat claws left on or taken off?

We will take them off after the procedure and provide some topical antibiotic cream which will aid in healing.

How long will it take for my cat to recover?

Your cat should be back to normal within 4-7 days and will be able to go back home after the neutering procedure. If your cat is neutered under anaesthetic then they may not be able to go home until after the anaesthetic wears off.

How long does it take for a cat to have a full body ultrasound scan?

This depends on the size of the cat, the location of the cat’s kidneys and the volume of their urine. All of this information can only be obtained after your cat has been neutered and has had a post-procedure checkup. In this case, it could take a minimum of 24-48 hours before the ultrasound scan can be done. If your cat has been neutered for the first time we will advise the best time to have it.

Can I have my cat neutered or spayed after it has been operated on?

The best time to have your cat neutered is before any further surgery is required.

Can I take my cat back to the vet for follow up care?

Most of the time we will leave a cat as a client for as long as they need the care that they require, however for the first three weeks after neutering surgery we advise that you visit the clinic at least twice a week to ensure that the wound is healing and that your cat is following their diet and is comfortable. After three weeks you can call the surgery if there is any need to see your cat again, however this is rare.

Is there a possibility of any adverse reactions to my cat neutering?

Neutering your cat will cause your cat to produce less urine and they will become a bit looser. A well-bred cat is very healthy and this will not have any health

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