Cat and jack pajamas

Cat and jack pajamas

Cat and jack pajamas

“Halloween is my least favorite holiday,” said our lovely ‘Cat, with a sigh. “It’s when the ‘dog food’ is eaten. It’s when my family tries to make me a costume that I hate, and put it on me with as much grace and style as possible. It’s when people in town are supposed to be scary, but more often than not, my parents decide to dress up as my grandparents.

“And most of all, it’s when the holiday of All Saints, All Souls, All Souls, All Saints again, and all that stuff gets started. It’s the stuff that makes me want to be an only child for an eternity. But that’s not going to happen.”

Cat and her sisters, ‘Jack’ and ‘Nim,’ shared a single look that could only be described as, “Really?”.

“No, seriously,” said Cat, leaning forward a little in her chair. “Do you remember what it was like when we were little, when we had only the best Halloween and the holiday at Christmas? I remember that, as much as anyone.”

“Yes, Cat, but what does that have to do with you being an only child?” asked Jack, who sat just across from Cat at the dining table.

“I know it’s the traditional thing to be an only child and everything, but I think that people nowadays are really missing out on something. We used to have a much longer Christmas. It used to be longer and include way more people, and it was way more fun. Nowadays, it’s all about the kids.”

“Why do we need to have Christmas with kids? There are plenty of kids on Christmas Day,” said Nim.

“You think that Santa brings presents to everyone in our house?” asked Jack, putting a hand on his hip.

“Yeah, and it’s Christmas for everyone, right? I mean, who is giving who presents and such? How can you celebrate a Christmas with a kid? They’ll run around and mess everything up,” said Cat.

“Do you want to go and make a Christmas tree right now? I’ll come with you,” said Nim. “We can set it up at the front door, so Dad doesn’t go crazy over it.”

“That’s a good idea,” said Cat. “It was a nice thought.”

Cat and Nim jumped up from their seats and went to the Christmas tree. They decorated it, and soon it was up in the window. Cat said “Good job!” to Nim. They got the presents, and went back to the living room.

“I am sure that Santa will bring me a Christmas present,” said Nim.

“Of course he will, you little brat!” said Cat. “Well, Santa has already been and checked our house.”

“What?” said Nim. “Where?”

“It was just a little Christmas trip,” said Cat. “He wasn’t alone. There were his elves and a reindeer.”

“A reindeer?” said Nim. “What kind of reindeer has a house?”

“It was a reindeer like this,” said Cat, holding out her hand. “Now that you’ve got a house, Santa can bring you more presents!”

Nim looked at the reindeer with its white fur, and her pink nose.

“It can’t be him!” said Nim. “It’s too big.”

“That’s because it’s a MiniReindeer,” said Cat. “They are really small reindeer, so Santa doesn’t have to carry them around in his sleigh.”

Nim ran back to her room to look for a MiniReindeer.

“Nimmy is having a little Christmas!” said the little reindeer. “She’s been very nice to me.”

“I like her too!” said Nim. “What is it like to be a MiniReindeer?”

“Oh, it’s fun,” said the little reindeer. “Like I can run, jump, spin and even have fun with a little red car.”

“Maybe that’s why you are so small,” said Nim. “How do you manage Santa to give you presents?”

“Santa comes to our house to give me presents.”

“What kind of presents does Santa give you?”

“Lots of presents,” said the little reindeer. “Presents for me and my family.”

“That’s what I want too!” said Nim. “I would love to have a house, even if it is a MiniHouse! I would love to have a little reindeer, even if it is a MiniReindeer.”

“Yes,” said the little reindeer. “You’ll be very happy when you have a MiniHouse.”

“What are you going to do when you get older?” asked Nim.

“Go to school,” said the little reindeer. “When I’m older, I’ll go to college and learn to be an adult.”

“I like you, Nim,” said the little reindeer. “You are a good boy and your family is nice.”

As they approached home, they saw that the little reindeer had a beautiful MiniHouse! It was a happy home for them.

Nim’s family was so happy that they gave him a wonderful Christmas too!

“We don’t want you to go to school,” said Nim’s mom. “What would you like to do instead?”

“Can I have a MiniMiniReindeer too?” said Nim.

“Oh yes,” said his mom. “It’s okay to have as many as you want. You can keep them in your home.”

They took the little reindeer to Nim’s house and gave him one.

“It’s so cute,” said Nim’s mom. “He’s such a sweetie!”

“He is a very special one,” said Nim. “I like him. He’s a very nice reindeer.”

“He is a very special MiniReindeer,” said Nim’s mom. “He would be a good reindeer to have in your home.”

A few days later, the

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