Black gunk around dogs nipples

Black gunk around dogs nipples

Black gunk around dogs nipples.

Black gunk around dogs nipples. How to remove it off of the puppies nipples. Pups are licking their nipples and its a bad problem for some reason. The nipples get hard and black gunk starts seeping down and around. Its been going on for months. How can i get it off the nipples without causing them any pain or scarring. How to get rid of this??

Black gunk around dogs nipples.


How can I get the black gunk from my dogs nipples? It was just found on one of her nipples and I noticed it when it was first started, it was just black and kind of hard to get it out, also she wasn't licking it and it seems like she started to lick it and it got worse. Is this something I can get rid of? I don't want to scar her.

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I can tell you a few things that my vet said about what was happening. 1st, you said it was hard to get out - which tells me that it's almost the same consistency as the skin. Since you were not able to get it out - even though you were not able to hurt her, she is now in pain. The first thing you should have done is go to the vet for advice.

2nd thing - a lot of this is going to be a matter of your dogs reaction. If she started to lick it and it got worse - she may be reacting to a different scent than what was on her skin before. And as someone else said - just because a dog has a white or tan coloured coat, it doesn't mean that she is okay. Have you noticed that she is acting a bit odd, eating/drinking less, breathing less deep or maybe a bit weak? If you didn't notice that she was having any of these things, you should take her to your vet. If you notice, then I would still take her in, but try to mention that it may be the same thing as the first time. Maybe she just doesn't like it when you take off her bandage.

3rd - you mentioned cleaning her wound once a week. You can get all kinds of things at PetSmart that you can use to clean the wound, like Iams. You can clean it once a week and try to keep it a bit dry. If she starts to lick the wound again, just go and clean it. If it gets worse, bring her in and your vet will do an exam and try to figure out why she is licking the wound. Good luck!

I hope that helps!


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Thanks for the advice Pamela. I have been cleaning the wound with the 3M medicated gel twice a week. She didn't mind having her bandage off and the wound was so clean that she didn't want to have the bandage on again. I didn't see any sign of infection.

She is the first to take her bandage off when I come in the room and the first to put it on when I leave. No other time does she want me to take it off. She doesn't know that she does it though. She looks at me oddly when I take it off and puts it on.

When I took her to the vet on Friday for the wound, he only inspected it and told me to do that for another week. He told me to keep the wound clean and dry so that she could heal without infection. He even gave me some medicated ointment and told me to use it if she starts licking again.

When I got home yesterday, she didn't go crazy when I took her off her bandage to clean her wound. That is a good thing because it means she can take care of it herself. So I cleaned it with the 3M medicated gel and let her clean the rest with her tongue. Then I started to bandage her again. When I tried to bandage it, she did this:

(The wound is just to the side of the photo but you can see the white stripe)

She looked at it like that and then laid down. I got behind her, wrapped the bandage around her bandage and then around her leg. She put her front paws on my lap and put her chin on her front paws. Then she laid her back paws on my lap and laid her head on them. When I finished, her wound was hidden and she looked so much calmer. I just think that she is not interested in the wound anymore.

When I was dressing her bandage, I found this:

It was just an itty bitty ball but I cleaned it and stuck it on her neck right next to her shoulder.

I had to stop and take pictures while I was bandaging. I didn't want to leave this one for my parents to see so I used the camera feature on my phone and just had to take a picture of it and then upload it. I thought about how this was her last night in the shelter so I had to make it special. She didn't even seem that interested in it when I was feeding her.

I did all the chores before I went to bed tonight. I fed her her supper then got ready for bed. It didn't take long before I heard a rustling sound. She was trying to get the bandage off her leg again and it kept slipping off. When it slipped off her leg, it fell to the floor and I heard it roll under the bed. I don't know why she has trouble getting her bandage off. It has been like this every night.

She also can't get the stitches in her wound out. It's so hard to get them out and I keep wondering if this has anything to do with the fact that she had a bath last night because the bottom of her skin seems to be swollen. It's really hard to get her bandage out and the stitches out. They were all right when she was being bathed. It's like they got tangled in her hair or something. It's not normal to have stitches in your hair.

I know she has to be at least 2 years old so that means she must be at least 3 now. It just dawned on me what happened last night while I was cleaning her ears with my index finger and thumb to make sure they weren't red. I looked and there was no scab on her nose. I guess she must be at least 2 1/2 now.

My mom found the scab on her nose last night and wanted to clean it for me. I don't know how old she is. She's never been this age before. I always had her when I was growing up. I used to sleep with my mom. I just never thought about this before.

It's true she is in my room and it's true she is my sister but it's not true that she's always been there and I never thought about that before. I guess I knew something was wrong because I knew she was not a boy. I just didn't know what it was.

It all happened at the same time yesterday. It was 8:45 pm on Sunday.

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On Sunday I dreamed about the ocean.

It was like we were swimming in the ocean together but I was swimming in the direction of the setting sun.

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