Kochi fighting dogs merchandise

Kochi fighting dogs merchandise

Kochi fighting dogs merchandise

The most recent Kochi fighting dog merchandise to hit stores from the kennel is an absolutely terrific collection of products by the famed and highly respected Fuzzbox Canine.

You can find them in the most exclusive stores around the globe, including Australia and Germany, a testament to the high quality of the products as well as the incredible demand for them.

A few of my readers were surprised to learn that even the small size of the Fuzzbox product line allows for customization of the canine with the most popular combinations of patterns, sizes and colors.

And what's more, the line has been expanded with several new products and options for even the most discerning of customers.

To get the most out of your experience with the Fuzzbox, we thought it would be best to write you a little more about each product line and what you can expect in terms of quality and selection as you look for your next Fuzzbox canine.

Fuzzbox's Fighting Dog Shirt

The Fighting Dog Shirt is avlable in small, medium and large, and is designed specifically for the Fuzzbox.

I chose the medium and it fit like a glove.

The shirt has a very good quality to it, the soft fabric feels great on your canine and is durable enough to withstand the inevitable roughhousing as well as it being laundered and worn by your canine.

The design on this particular shirt is very simple.

It's just a black shirt with the Fuzzbox logo on it.

The shirt is avlable in either a white or black color and fits nicely under most any of the garments your canine wears.

You can expect to receive your Fighting Dog Shirt within a week of placing your order.

The Shirt is perfect for any dog who wants a shirt with the Fuzzbox logo and a good quality durable shirt at that.

Fuzzbox's Fighting Dog Jacket

The Fuzzbox Fighting Dog Jacket is a full zipper, stand up jacket.

This jacket is great for a dog who is bigger or older than our standard size.

The jacket fits perfectly on most adult dogs, and it looks amazing on them.

The jacket is easy to take on and off with the use of a standard zipper and comes in either a red, blue, gray, black, or white color.

As with the shirt, you can expect to receive your Fighting Dog Jacket in a week or so, depending on your order.

Fuzzbox's Fighting Dog Hoodie

Our Fighting Dog Hoodie is a lightweight hooded sweatshirt with a large pocket on the front for your canine.

This hoodie is perfect for a younger, smaller dog.

This hoodie is a very snug fit, so if your canine is smaller than our standard size, we recommend getting a larger size to allow for extra room.

The hoodie will be delivered in one week to most areas, and in two weeks to Alaska.

When you receive your Hoodie, make sure to size your dog up before wearing it so they can lay comfortably in it.

Fuzzbox's Fighting Dog Hooded Sweatshirt

Our newest option is a Hooded Sweatshirt with a full zipper to wear underneath other clothes.

This is a much more comfortable version of the hoodie, and it also fits smaller dogs better.

This sweatshirt is avlable in a medium or large, and will be delivered to most locations within one week.

We've included detled product descriptions below, so we don't have to go over them agn.

Check out our other dog clothing here:

Fight Shirt

Fight Jacket

Fight Hoodie

Fight Hooded Sweatshirt

All shirts have an embroidered Fuzzbox dog paw for added authenticity, plus 100% cotton

Our product line was created by our founder, Matt, who lost his own best friend as a puppy to Lyme disease. Matt's lifelong passion to do whatever he can to help other dogs with Lyme was a spark that led us into creating products that are dog friendly.

When we started the company, we knew that one of the biggest problems with Lyme disease was the fact that it’s hard to see in its early stages, so it’s common for people to give up on their dogs once it becomes obvious.

Our products are made of the highest quality fabrics and we strive to create a product that will last you and your dog a long time.

We use only 100% cotton for all our products, so they are soft and comfortable for your dog.

In addition, we’ve also made sure all our materials are treated with an anti-odor technology to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible.

Most fabrics contn chemicals that can make your dog feel uneasy, especially the fabrics used to make the coats.

There are no chemicals in our products, because we want your dog to feel as comfortable as possible!

Our products are made of the highest quality fabrics, and the materials we use are treated with an anti-odor technology to ensure your dog's comfort.

We use 100% cotton to make all our products, and we use anti-odor technology to make sure your dog is as comfortable as possible.

Fuzzbox is designed with the dog in mind. In addition to offering high quality products, our product line is designed so that you are able to change the size and fit of our shirts as your dog grows.

Many large dog breeds grow out of their shirts within a few weeks.

If you have a large dog, you may want to size up if they’re just starting to grow in their old shirt.

If you have a dog that’s been around for a while, or is already a little larger than expected, just size down.

For our smallest sizes, which are designed to fit pups that are just starting to grow, we’ve had to find a different fabric.

The smallest sizes have been designed with more ease and comfort in mind, and these shirts are the perfect size and shape for the smallest of dogs.

If you're looking for more flexibility in sizing, then you should order our other styles.

Please be aware that some fabrics are more prone to stretching and pilling. In addition, some materials may also have a softer feel to them.

This is to ensure you get a shirt that fits your dog perfectly every time!

Fuzzbox’s shirts are designed with the dog in mind. In addition to offering high quality products, our product line is designed so that you are able to change the size of your shirt on the fly, and as your dog grows, so can their shirt!

Most of our shirts have at least a 1 year warranty. This is why we recommend having a shirt size ready before giving your dog their first shirt. This allows you to have it tlored at no extra cost, or you can bring it to the store and we can have it taken in for you!

If you're ordering a large quantity, we offer a volume discount! Please be aware that the discount is calculated per shirt, rather than per package. If you need any assistance, please contact us at [email protected]

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