Whole earth farms cat food

Whole earth farms cat food

Whole earth farms cat food and treats made with premium ingredients.

Organic foods that are not organic, made with 100% Natural Corn

Raw foods – the whole food way

Whole foods are a complete source of nutrition, they are "naturally grown". In the case of meat, poultry, dry, nuts and seeds it's 100% natural, no toxins, hormones, steroids, etc.

Vegetables are organic when grown naturally without synthetic hormones or pesticides.

Pasteurized foods – the food of the future

Pasteurized foods are made by heating food to 145 degrees F, causing it to pasteurize and kill bacteria and other organisms. Raw milk is not pasteurized and is an excellent choice for people with an acidic stomach.

Sealed foods

Sealed foods can kill harmful bacteria and other organisms.

Worm Farms

We do not use worms for human consumption.

We care about your health

We care about your health

With the high cost of medical care in the US, we have decided to start a program where anyone can go to local farms to get FREE fresh, organic foods, farm fresh, from small organic farms that have to make a living.

"I have nothing to offer anyone but what God has offered me. He has given me all and I am all for others." - John Wesley

We take that responsibility very seriously. At times you may not find what you're looking for because we don't have the variety of produce that you find in large grocery stores. We can't always get the quality or price you want, but we will try.

I have been rsing my own food since I was a teenager. When we set up my own farm, I tried all the different methods and methods are still important. My father's advice to me has been to only grow what you would like to eat. As a young person living on my own, I did not have room for large gardens or rows of vegetables to provide for my family. A friend suggested that I "rent" a plot of land in the woods and started a garden. That's how this started.

This year I am growing over 1000 acres of vegetables, nuts, eggs, honey, herbs and more for our own use. I want everyone to enjoy a healthier life at a better price.

We are here for you! If you have any questions, please eml us. You can reach us at: [email protected]

As a family owned and operated garden center, we strive to grow vegetables that have a long life cycle and are not genetically modified. We also grow all kinds of fruit and berries that are avlable in your local grocery store. From your very first visit, you will be able to pick up the tools that you need to be able to grow your own vegetables. We want you to have the opportunity to grow your own vegetables and herbs, and we will give you advice, instruction, supplies, and advice on how to grow healthy food.

Pest control products: We have a full line of home gardening products including pest control and fertilizers. We sell everything from home gardening and home landscaping supplies to garden and patio furniture.

Culture: We carry many different types of seeds and will help you learn how to start your own garden. We will supply you with seedlings and gardening tools so you can have the experience of your life. We also have a variety of live cultures and probiotics that you can try out for yourself.

We also have a large section of seeds for those who are trying to start their own small herb gardens or flowers. We have over 200 different varieties of herbs including thyme, rosemary, sage, bay leaves, dill, rosemary, basil, oregano, parsley, and cilantro, for you to choose from. We sell herbs in different varieties and we will teach you how to care for them and how to grow them.

We have many different types of organic fertilizer for you to try. You will find your own favorite.

We grow vegetables and herbs that are avlable in your local grocery stores. We grow only organic vegetables, fruit, and herbs, and we use organic fertilizer only.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Home Gardeners' Supplies is to provide the best quality of organic seeds, organic soil, organic fertilizer, and organic gardening tools to help our customers have the best garden experience possible.

We strive to offer the highest quality products, a friendly and knowledgeable staff, fast delivery, and the best pricing avlable. Our business is based on customer service and we are proud to give the best customer service possible. We strive to be a company that truly cares about our customers.

Our vision is to provide customers with the information and products they need to grow healthy plants in their homes, gardens, and landscapes.

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