Why does my dog eat cat poop

Why does my dog eat cat poop

Why does my dog eat cat poop?

My 15-year old male dog just ate cat poop (he's had issues with cats for about a year now, and I am getting pretty tired of it). What's wrong with him? He's always seemed fine around them, and I've seen him eat grass and dirt before, but not cat poop.

I don't know if this is a behavioral issue or a digestive issue, but either way, he's eating poop that I KNOW is not for him.

He doesn't even eat it off the ground (like a dog would) - he takes it and then sits at it and tries to "eat" it.

I've talked to a trainer, but he doesn't seem to see what the problem is.

Why does my dog eat cat poop?

My dog eats cat poop. My dog has eaten cat poop for a long time, but it was only recently that he has been eating it. I thought it was just a weird habit he had, and it was not a big deal at all, but now it has started to get bigger. My dog has been on dog food for about a month and a half now and is always eating his dog food when I cook. He always eats his food, but he also eats poop and eats his food in the same manner. When he is in the house I am not paying attention to what he is doing. I just put his food in and he eats, so he never eats dog food when I am not there. I have only seen him eat cat poop and cat food when I am around.

He has had diarrhea before, but he does not eat it. He never eats cat food.

I'm worried that he is eating the poop because he likes it. He has had diarrhea for a while now and this is really new. I don't think this has anything to do with him having diarrhea because he had diarrhea before, but the poop eating seems to coincide with the diarrhea.

I'm a bit concerned because of the diarrhea. Has anyone seen this before?


There are many reasons why a dog will eat dog poop, cat poop, or cat litter. Some of them are normal behaviors. Other ones are due to digestive problems and/or infections. It is hard to tell without more information.

If your dog is eating cat poop, it could mean that he thinks it is something to eat. It could also be that he has a yeast or yeast-like infection, or there is something in the feces that he likes.

If you have no idea what it is, then it is best to have your veterinarian take a sample for analysis. That is the only way to know for sure.

Why does my dog eat cat poop?

My dog has never eaten poop before. But he's doing it a lot now. Sometimes he'll eat cat poop for like a day. I think he's confused why he's eating cat poop and not dog poop, but I don't know why that would happen.

Why does my dog eat cat poop?

My dog does not eat dog food. She usually only eats kibble and I do not let her have kibble if she is home. She does eat cat food if I put some in her dish, but she doesn't seem to know any difference between kibble and cat food. She will also eat grass, which I don't know if she should.

I have noticed she is also doing this more often. She also has been drinking water more and having diarrhea.

Why does my dog eat cat poop?

My dog has always had problems with cats, and he will eat cat poo, but it was only recently that he ate it every day. I think it was all of a sudden that he started to eat it. He usually just eats the dirt and the grass around the house, but I'm not sure why he started eating cat poop.

What can I do to fix this? Is it a health issue or a behavior issue?

Why does my dog eat cat poop?

I know that dogs eat cat feces and other dog feces because it is what my parents had growing up, so it's not weird to me. But my dog never has.

My mom always had to clean up cat feces, and I did too. So it's not that my dog does not know what to do with cat feces. My dog eats grass and dirt like any other dog.

Why does my dog eat cat poop?

When I first got him he was fine with cats. I would see him sniff around and not like cat poo. I thought it was something weird that he was doing.

About a year ago he started eating cat poo. I thought that it was a behavior that I would have to deal with. But now it's getting worse.

I don't like cleaning cat feces from the yard. It's gross, and I am pretty sure it's not good for my dog. So now I have a couple of cat problems.

My question is why? Is he just curious?


If your dog is interested in cat poop, there are many things to consider.

A cat's poop is typically smaller than a dog's, so a dog may find it easier to consume. If your dog is interested in it, it may be just that -- a curious or exploratory behavior.

Cats may be more inclined to poop in their territory than a dog's. So there may be a bit of territoriality at play.

It may also be a behavior that a dog has been raised with. If he was raised with cat poop, he may be interested in it because of this, so there may be something learned.

However, a dog who has always been raised with cat poop may have been around the area where the cat poo is. If there is no cat poop in the area where the dog normally is, he may think it is good to eat.

It may be something else. Have your veterinarian do an exam and blood test. If the problem is just in the digestive tract,