Why do dogs hate cats

Why do dogs hate cats

Why do dogs hate cats?

This question comes up a lot. Dogs and cats do hate one another, but the reason they have for it is a funny thing. Do dogs hate cats because they see them as evil or are they evil and do they hate because they see cats as evil? We’re all going to be talking about why cats hate dogs for a while, so let’s start with the latter.

You’ve been told that cats are evil and dogs love them, and you probably thought it was your opinion and no one was getting mad at you. The reality is that this idea has its roots in early man. As far back as prehistoric man, you know that evil isn’t just a human quality, but one we find in animals and even in other animals, too. We all saw the scene in Jurassic Park when Ian Malcolm’s children have to chase off some pterosaurs that are attacking the herd of velociraptors. It’s the only time in the whole movie that you ever saw the velociraptors being really scared. They’re not evil, they’re not evil at all, in fact. They’re just scared, and what scared animal is there that isn’t scared? I like to imagine that the velociraptors that got chased away from the herd were frightened of the velociraptors. They weren’t being evil. It’s just that the velociraptors they were being around when they were children frightened them. They’re afraid of everything and that fear is going to show.

Now, the ancient theory of why dogs love cats has to do with ancient men and their pets, just like with why dogs hate cats. In Egypt and most other places that used to have a lot of cats, there was a whole belief system called the “evil eye.” The Egyptians believed that when you looked at somebody with a certain look, you could take away their will to live, and they would die. So, a lot of ancient civilizations — some more than others — considered that animals have auras that kind of come off them and, if you look at them, you’re sending off that aura that kind of tells you what their energy is like and if it’s good or bad. So, you’re kind of sending out a sign. The Egyptians called that the “evil eye.” It was a belief that some people had that, if you saw an animal with that look, that you were going to have to take away the life of the animal. It’s also the reason that the ancient Greeks hated cats. They were afraid that if you looked at a cat you were going to take away its life. What you’re doing, in effect, is putting a death spell on it.

We have a belief, too, that is in some way related to this, which has to do with what we call the “evil breath.” When I’m in a rage or when I’m angry, when I’m speaking in a rage, you sometimes see my breath kind of get heavy, just like a dark force comes out of me, and it can do some damage. There’s something in me that wants to hurt somebody, and if I can’t express it outwardly, I can project it in the form of my breath. What you’re doing, in effect, is you’re blowing poison out in their direction. I’m not doing any of this consciously. It’s just that the mind is projecting and, to the mind, that’s a very deadly, poisonous force.

So, the energy field that surrounds cats is a whole different kind of energy than the energy field that surrounds human beings. We’re not aware that we’re producing different kinds of energy fields, but we are. We actually need to heal our own energy fields. Once we heal the energy fields within us, we begin to heal other people’s energy fields. That’s what meditation is all about.

It’s been said that the most effective thing we can do for someone else is to heal the things that we are going through within ourselves. I think that’s very true. The energy fields that are emanating out of us is something that we all need to be aware of. You can heal the energy field of a cat if you’re aware of what is happening, but you can’t heal the energy field of a dog or a horse. It’s something you must be aware of.

People in my culture are very afraid of the dark. Why? They don’t understand that the dark is another energy field. The fear of the dark is part of their energy field and they haven’t been aware of it. But, it’s not something we have to fear. It’s actually a very wonderful energy field. It’s simply a different energy field. That’s what I think is such a mistake, the idea of fear of the dark. I always explain to people that there are different energy fields in the universe. It’s just like your body has many, many different energy fields.

The fear of the dark and other things that we have is part of our body, our energy field. But we don’t have to be afraid of it. In fact, we need to be aware of it, because we all have parts of our body that need to heal. When we’re aware of these energy fields, we can heal them. When we begin to heal other people’s energy field, we begin to heal our own energy field.

Most of my students never learn that when they sit down to meditate. And it’s really important, because the body has so much energy that we use it up. When we are working, we don’t have time to meditate. But, if we can bring enough awareness and energy into the meditation practice, we can begin to feel and experience, and understand these other energies and get some of the benefits.

I am blessed to live and work in a very beautiful state. I love living in Colorado. But, I do miss my friends back in Tennessee.

The first year I taught meditation in Colorado, I had people who were coming from places that are in some other part of the country. People from California, people from Washington, people from New York. And, I met a lot of people who were really into meditating. They were very serious about it. But, they didn’t know what a word like samadhi meant. So, when we would start meditating, they would say, “Wait a minute, what’s that samadhi?”

Samadhi is a Sanskrit word that means to be still. And, when we are still, our thoughts are very quiet. But, it doesn’t mean we are not

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