Stinson beach dog friendly

Stinson beach dog friendly

Stinson beach dog friendly area. Just up the

street from Stinson beach and within walking distance of a playground

(also dog friendly), a great bike path, several coffee/ice cream shops,

and other restaurants. Stinson beaches have no parking, so you can't

bring your car to the Stinson area. This is a wonderful area for a

walking/running/biking trip.

We will be arriving via the North San Antonio


Please do not send pets unless you are certain that

your pet can

tolerate the beach sand. The sand can be very irritating and abrasive to

nose, feet, etc. However, if you do send your pet along, we request

that you fill out the form in the envelope on the bottom left of the

calendar (you can download it here: Beach

Sand/Water Pollution) at your earliest

possible convenience. This is for the safety of your pet. If you

have any questions, feel free to call or email.

Bring your own chairs and pads, or rent them from the

parking lot.

Our favorite restaurants in the Stinson Beach area:

There are so many great restaurants in this

area, and we have many more. Please click

here to find a list of restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops, and

other businesses that are very dog friendly. They are located in the

area surrounding the park.

Pets of ANY age are welcome! We love

dogs, cats, and other small animals! Please note that there are

some specific pet policies that must be followed:

Please note that we are not responsible for injuries

or damage that a dog may cause.

No food can be brought in or out of the park.

Pets must be leashed.

Stray animals must be removed from the park area.

Beach sand is very abrasive and can irritate your

pet's paws. Be sure to bring your own dog beach supplies:

Please contact Stinson Beach State Park if you

have any questions or need assistance.

All pets must be leashed and under the

control of their owner. Stray animals must be removed from the

parking lot. You must keep the dog away from the ocean and away from

boulders. Dogs must be under your complete control at all times

and not left unattended. Unattended dogs and/or dogs running off

will be confiscated by the park staff.

In accordance with Section 1021 of the California Health

and Safety Code, dogs are prohibited on the beach. We cannot

ensure the safety of your dog if your dog goes into the ocean or

swims in the water at the park.

This information is from the

Office of State Parks.


Please be sure that your pet has

been well trained to enjoy the beach. Your dog must always know

the 'stay' command and not to leave the designated 'out of

water' area. The beach may be a bit hazardous to your dog if

not properly trained. If your dog is accustomed to being in the

water, please bring extra water and/or a dog life jacket to ensure

the safety of your pet. Dogs are not allowed in the water at this


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