Little friends dogs and cats

Little friends dogs and cats

Little friends dogs and cats

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If your a human cat is a wonderful thing, if your a dog a wonderful thing, but for a cat and dog it’s a different world. Cats and dogs will love you and trust you and will trust you with anything, while your friends dog and cat just won’t trust you with anything.

My friends cat always has had her issues with people, from the first time I saw her, when she was a kitten in the house, she wouldn’t let me anywhere near her, and wouldn’t let me anywhere near my friend’s son and daughter. She was a little bit aggressive. As she got older she did grow a little bit, but she would still be aggressive.

For a long time she was the only pet in the house, so she had no real friends of her own age, and she didn’t like it when anyone would play with her toys.

She wasn’t a happy cat, she was aloof and didn’t trust anyone, not even me. So when I brought her home, she had a hard time adjusting.

I was never a cat person, I loved dogs and I was a people person, and so I was a little bit unsure, because most cat owners are. My cat didn’t like people, she wasn’t happy, and she wasn’t a trusting person. I really had no idea what to expect, but my friends are animal lovers and I knew they would take good care of her and that they would have my back.

My friends cat is so different to me, she loves me, she loves my family, she loves her food and her litter tray and her toys and everything. She’s been in the house since she was a kitten, she knows it’s her house and she will trust me. I’ve never felt more comfortable with a cat in all my life.

When we first got her, I’d always wanted to give her a name, but my friends mum said no, that I needed to leave her as she was, and so she named her Marigold. And so for the past 12 years, Marigold has been my best friend, she’s a cuddle bug and she’s a wonderful friend. She’s always happy to see me when I come home and she loves my family, she’s loved us all our lives.

I’ve got another cat, my best friend’s cat, my friends mum has called him a catnip monster, because she says he likes to suck on catnip mice. The other cats hate him, they’ll try and run away, but when Marigold comes and rubs on him and he rubs on her, they always seem to calm down and they’re friends again. He loves Marigold, he’ll rub on her, he’s friendly to everyone.

But Marigold always wanted to be on the top of the bed, and so every morning when I wake up and open my bedroom door, I open the door into Marigold’s world. I have to open the bedroom door first to let the cat out, because if I don’t, she doesn’t come out, so it’s a race to open the door and get her out, and then I have to go downstairs and get her food and then I have to clean her litter tray, and then I go back upstairs and Marigold thinks she has the run of the house, and then I have to go and put her to bed.

So every morning, Marigold has her race to get out and I have to go downstairs with her food, and then I go up stairs and clean her litter tray and get her in bed and get my breakfast, then it’s a race to make it all happen again, and this repeats all day.

I love having my cats around, they’re so gentle and loving and cuddly, I love that my friends mum loves them both, she just loves them both, she says if she were to separate them she wouldn’t be able to look one of them in the eye again. They are the best of friends.

And I love my cat, and I love that she’s so loving, and so cuddly, she loves to snuggle into my bed, and then when I get home she’ll look at me and run up my leg and she’ll sit on my lap, she’s wonderful.

I’m a cat person, but Marigold has been my best friend, I’ve grown so much from her, and she has grown so much, and so have we all.

You have to be kind and gentle to them, and you have to be kind and gentle to them all the time, if you treat them well they’ll treat you well.

She’s a little cuddler, and when she’s hungry she’ll eat the food off my hand, I think she thinks she’s a cat, I mean who wouldn’t think that a cat would like that.

But don’t ever try to feed her or treat her badly, they are so dependent on you, if you treat them well, they’ll give you the time of day, they’ll love you back, and they’ll be happy. They’ll love you as if you’re the only person in the world, and they’ll never give up on you, because you’re the only person in the world they know.

They will come up to you when you’re sleeping, and they’ll sit on your shoulder, and then when you get up they’ll get up with you, they’ll rub on your legs and they’ll look into your eyes. They’ll sit on your

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