Why does my cat come to me when i sing

Why does my cat come to me when i sing

Why does my cat come to me when i sing or hum some song?

I sing a lot for my family and other cat families that i socialize with. Every now and then my cat comes up and looks at me and comes to lay on me or lays on my lap. Does he do this because he likes the sound of my voice or does it have something to do with my voice? I know that I have different tones in my voice depending on what I'm singing. For instance, when i sing like in a high pitch or when I sing along with a song that has a strong beat in it. I also do alot of humming. The cats that come to me or lay on my lap, seem to get into a mood. Its almost like they like to have their face in my neck or laying with my arm wrapped around them. This seems to happen during the time that i am humming or singing. I was wondering if any of you kittycats here would know why my cat would do this. I like to try to understand the behavior of my cat.

I think it's the song. When I was a kid, I could only think of three singers: Elvis Presley, Ricky Nelson, and Johnny Cash. And I could identify with each one.

As a result, I was fascinated by songs. I'd sing to myself all the time, particularly as I sat alone in my room in high school. I'm also pretty good at humming. So I'm curious as to why my cat sits so close to me while I'm humming.

My guess is, he knows you're singing. This is the closest to being the one he can safely come. He loves you - he feels closer to you - than anyone. He wants to be with you while you are singing.

My suggestion: try humming a song you like - your choice. As you sing, he'll come to sit close by you. Then, try to hum the song he's singing. You'll have your answer.

I can tell you what i think it is... when im humming and i get a kiss on the cheek it is a purr. and thats just what my cat does. its probably the song he or she heard that made them that way.

Just try to keep them close to you while you are humming. they love when you are singing. I've found if i put a towel down with an open book on it and lay my hand on the towel and sing while holding the towel, it doesn't seem to bother them as much. Good luck!

Mine does the same. One of the first things I noticed about my kitty was how closely he follows me. He's always at my feet when I sit down. If I get up to get something out of my purse he's right at my side. I sing and he's right there listening.

I would just keep on singing. If the cat doesn't like it, then perhaps it doesn't like you?

My cats like to listen to me sing. At first I thought that was weird, but now I enjoy it more and more. When I sing they usually like it, so I sing more. My cats are really good singers.

I don't have my own piano, but if I hum, the cat will usually dance or walk up to me to be petted. Sometimes the cat will even purr as if it wants me to sing for it. Even the cat in the laundry room will come over to the laundry basket where I'm humming, and purr. So they enjoy the music too.

When I'm working on my keyboard at the computer, they'll come over and lay their heads on the keys. They usually like when I'm listening to a particular song.

When I put my cat in my lap, she likes to lay her head on my shoulder while I'm listening to music. If I sing to her then she always likes it.

Even if I'm singing a duet, if my cats are at my feet they'll lay their head on my leg and purr while I'm singing. They even do that in my laundry room, laying their heads on the keys while I'm humming.

They like to lay their heads on my leg and purr, and my mom's, while we are listening to music. If I start to sing they come over and want to be petted. Sometimes they will even climb up into my lap and lay their heads on my shoulder, like they want me to sing for them.

If my cats want me to sing for them, they usually lay their head on my lap and sing for me. They're just like real cats. You can't always do everything that your cat wants you to do. They always like to lay their head on my shoulder or my knee while I'm singing, and purr while I'm singing.

My cats purr all the time. They're very good at purring. I don't know why some cats make a loud noise when they purr. Mine make a soft purr. My cats love me, they just want me to sing to them. They are more than willing to lay their head on my leg or my shoulder while I'm singing.

They sometimes lie down and close their eyes when I sing for them. Some people might think it's odd, but we don't mind it.

When I sing for my cats they seem to purr, even when they're asleep. My cats purr when they sleep, too, but they also wake up a lot during the day, too.

They like to lay their head on my shoulder, or my leg, and purr. I can always tell when they're lying down and are purring, and they are always purring when they're in my lap. My cats love to be with me, and I like to be with them.

They don't mind when I sing for them, but if I sing too long they may take a nap. They might sleep for a couple of hours, then wake up and come back to me to sing again. My cats are really funny like that. They are so cute when they're asleep, so I'd like to draw them. I have one I'm going to do in a few days, a very cute one that my cats just purr while I'm drawing them.

So you have to sing for your cats. You can sing to them like a real cat. Just like all my cats like to lay their head on my lap and purr while I sing. My cats love when I sing for them and purr. They seem to like it.

You can sing too, just like I sing to them. I like to sing while I'm drawing them. I will draw them, and draw a kitty purring while I'm drawing them. I have to see how cute kitties purr.

My cats are always purring. They purr all the time, but when they purr at night, they can't move. When they purr in the middle of the night they seem to be laughing. My cat is so cute. He likes to lie on the floor and purr.

I've seen cats that seem to enjoy being sung to. They seem to love when people sing to them.

I've also seen cats purring while they sleep, and then waking up when you sing. You should sing to your cats. I think they might like it.

Kitties purr

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