Does ladybug like cat noir

Does ladybug like cat noir

Does ladybug like cat noir?"

"I don't think so," I sd. "She might not see the cat in the cat."

"I guess I need to start thinking about names," sd Jack. "What's a good name for a cat?"

"How about 'The Cat That Looks Like Ladybug'?"

"That's kinda strange."

"You sd strange, not weird."

"Strange is a little more weird than weird. I don't think I want a weird name for a cat."

"What about Cat? It doesn't sound like a weird name."

"Maybe it could be a little cat like ladybug."

I shrugged. "I suppose if it's a little cat ladybug that's better than no cat at all."

"I like the idea of a little cat ladybug."

"Then that's the cat we'll call her."

"That's a pretty name for a cat."

"You sd strange, not weird," I reminded him. "That's what we sd when we first named our cat."


# **_Déjà Vu_**

**S** omeone's been telling you that cats are smart. Some cats are smarter than others. Some cats are smarter than other cats, just like some people are smarter than other people.

Like many cats, Ladybug's smarter than many people. Like most cats, she sees things most people don't see. Like most cats, she finds a way to survive in the world. Like most cats, she's got claws and teeth. Unlike most cats, she has a personality and likes to talk. Unlike most cats, she likes to come into the house and sit on the front stoop. Like most cats, she prefers to be the first

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