I love you cat food

I love you cat food

I love you cat food and cat people food.


Monthly Archives: March 2016

So our little cat, Tumor, is now about four and a half years old. Four and a half! (Not including his birthday last month. You know what I mean.) That’s a huge amount of life. He’s still in pretty good shape (minus the tumor that I’ll get to), but he’s also now in his golden years. And that means some things are going to start to change.

One of those things? His appetite. You know, he used to be a big eater. I’d say he was a “fatty” cat, which is, of course, a compliment. But lately it seems like it’s all gone. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s just not that interested in eating. I think that he’s actually pretty healthy, just a little less enthusiastic than he used to be.

Another thing? His favorite toy. Tumor loves his catnip toy. It’s still a catnip toy, but he won’t use it as much anymore. He’ll still play with it sometimes, but it’s like his favorite toy is gone.

So the other day I called our vet and made an appointment to have him checked out. And I think we just caught him at a really bad time. Because he went into shock. He was fine one minute and then suddenly started going into shock. He was fine one second, and then fine the next second. For like five seconds. It was bizarre.

Our vet was going to do an x-ray to see if there was something going on with his kidneys, but our cat has such a small body that x-rays take a long time. I mean, this little guy is like…two pounds. We had to send him to the hospital, which was not a pleasant experience. He got really frightened when we stuck him with the needle and he was scared to death for the whole time we were there.

It’s crazy that he’s so small. He barely makes me flinch and I’m worried that he’s going to end up with problems as a kitten. It’s so sad that he’s so tiny that he can’t even hold his own head up. That made me feel really bad. I’m going to be so much better to him in the future, I promise. It’s the first thing I was worried about when he went to the vet.

But anyway, apparently he is fine. He didn’t seem to have an infection or anything that was going to lead to anything. He’s fine, just a bit dehydrated. But, he didn’t cry so much because he was thirsty. He cried because he was scared of the needles. They really don’t take the smallest needle for cats! Even after they get the fluid out of him, he’s all dehydrated agn. That made me feel pretty bad. I wish I could have taken him home with me.

It wasn’t like he was dehydrated because he ate the cat food. He actually never eats cat food. We put some cat food on the floor. He’s terrified of the cat food. Apparently, he’s like this with all kinds of food, too. He was terrified of the dog food, too. It’s weird. He’ll eat anything else that I put in front of him, though, which is good. So, at least, I can make sure he’s getting enough food and water.

That was the only reason he wasn’t allowed to stay at home, because he wouldn’t eat.

He didn’t even eat his wet food. It’s a miracle he survived for as long as he did.

He was also dehydrated at the vet because he was so small. A pound and a half, I think. But they say if he gets his weight back to normal, he’ll be fine.

But the real problem is the stress of going to the vet. He’s never been in any kind of shelter situation. They always take him to the vet. He has no idea what’s going on. The stress of that was scary for him. I didn’t understand how it would affect his health, but it did. And, of course, I couldn’t bring him home.

I hope it’s nothing serious. He’s fine now. I’ll take him to the vet next week.

It just seemed like such a shame that there was nothing we could do to help him. The vet was nice about it, but I couldn’t face taking him in. He tried to feed him himself, but he couldn’t even get water into his mouth.

I know you’re not supposed to do it, but I ended up giving him some of my ice cream. You know, because he didn’t have anything else.

He’s such a special dog. I never thought I’d be adopting a dog who was just a biter. He’s so adorable. And he’s so smart. I just wish we could take him home.

At the very least, he could be in a home with someone who understands what he’s going through. It’s a whole thing with cats. They don’t understand dogs, even if they don’t realize it.

When I adopted him, my cat was in a different home. I’m not going to replace her, but it would be nice if he could at least visit her.

Anyway, we love him to death, and we’re happy he has a home to live in. Hopefully, he’ll feel better soon.

You may have already heard that we adopted a new dog this morning. His name is Dandy. He’s a Pomeranian/Bulldog mix, and he’s so adorable. He’s a biter. But not too bad. He’s got a long jaw, and when he does it, he doesn’t like it much. I have to hold him in place while he bites. So far, it’s not really much of a problem. We’ll see how it goes.

When he’s tired, he wants to play.

I have a cat. She’s a lot bigger than Dandy. But she doesn’t usually like Dandy. That’s okay. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve started watching some TV agn. When I lived in the city, I would just watch any old thing on basic cable. I’d be fine. I could change the channel. I could put on the Food Network or MTV. I could even flip to any channel in the sports game. I’d be fine.

But the whole idea of DVRs made me sad. It seemed like it would be so much better for my sanity if I could just change channels whenever I wanted. If I couldn’t, well, I would just deal.

When I moved out here, my DVR