Happy dog naturcroq balance

Happy dog naturcroq balance

Happy dog naturcroq balance of health, happiness and nutrition

As you read this story you are more than likely wondering why I am writing such a long winded post about a dog.

The story began with my first rescue dog, who was rescued from puppy mills. She was an almost full grown Great Dane and had been rsed in an extremely unhealthy environment. She was also in frly bad shape, very overweight and not a good candidate for our first dog. She was rescued and brought to her new home with an estimated 15-20 lbs on her. When I got her, she was very timid. She would run, growl and bark if approached, which was normal for a Great Dane. She was very food obsessed and would constantly want to eat.

So we worked on giving her what she needed and helping her find the right foods for her. With her weight problems I figured it would take a lot of time to get her to where she should be, so I was very patient. During that time we had a lot of fun working together.

Eventually she found a great home, and now with our two dogs I can honestly say she is the best dog I have ever had.

Then one day, I came across this dog from a rescue, and I fell in love with her immediately. She was tiny, a Chihuahua mix and had the sweetest little face. She would play all the time and I really felt connected to her right away. I took her home and she needed so much love and attention. She loved to be petted, cuddled, and slept with me.

The problem was that she did not eat. I did my research and tried everything. She had been rescued from an unhealthy environment and I was told she could have been starved and not given the nutrition she needed to survive. I took a chance, fed her different foods and she was on a diet that was not good for her, she grew at a good rate but she was extremely thin.

I made the decision to put her up for adoption and see if there was another home where she could be a real family member. The owner of the dog responded and they wanted to adopt her. They asked me if I would like her to be part of their family and I sd of course!

From then on, we became a little family. We traveled together, and went out to eat and to events. She joined my family and friends to the point that they all loved her. Her fur became my favorite and I wore her every where. She had a lot of energy and lots of fun. She also wanted to eat constantly, so I was always worried, and I still am.

After four months we decided to move and take her with us. That time was the hardest because I knew it was time for her to be in a new home. She got adopted and I was able to give her the time she needed to adjust. She had so much fun with the family, she was very happy and they were very happy with her. She still has lots of energy, however, now and then she will get very tired. I know she is happy with the family.

One day the husband told me that he has another dog that is in heat. Of course I knew what that meant, but he assured me that he was very reliable and had no issues when it came to breeding. My response to that was I thought he would do it at home and I would not allow that. But I got to know him a little better and realized I had underestimated him. He has had issues, so much so that he is now working with a trner to learn how to get her to mate. That is the only way he will be able to avoid her.

The trning was very frustrating for him, but now he is a willing student. I have confidence in him and I know that eventually he will be able to make the process work. She is being trned for us. We won’t be able to leave her home alone, but if he can get her mated she will be great fun for the next dog.

I have three of my five children grown. My five children from the first marriage are grown too. There is a great deal of joy in this life. When you add a partner who loves you, kids who love you and a dog who loves you it is very rewarding. I know my grandchildren are coming and I am looking forward to all the grandchildren. I am also looking forward to retirement. Of course, it will not be much of a vacation, but I will be able to have some fun!

I would be remiss if I did not tell you about other dogs in the family. I have another Golden Lab, who is four, and another Golden who is seven. We had them when our daughter was in high school and they were so adorable! We lost the mom in the summer of 2001. In 2006 the daughter got her now almost-12-year-old Golden puppy. We have the daughter’s parents living with us and a Golden Retriever next door. I’ve got a lot of dogs! What more can I ask for?

About the Author

Joanne Rife

Joanne Rife lives on a farm in Michigan with her husband David, two teenagers, and three dogs. She is the co-author of a parenting book, She is a Mom, The Complete Illustrated Guide. She spends her free time riding horses and learning new things.

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