Luther burbank dog park

Luther burbank dog park

Luther burbank dog park

Luther Burbank Dog Park (LDBP) is a neighborhood park in Burbank, California. It is the oldest, largest, and most popular city dog park in Los Angeles County, and the largest in the state of California. Located on West Burbank Boulevard, the park is home to an artificial lake, a playground, and many types of dog-friendly features. The park has three levels of dog park areas, a fenced off area, and a community area with dog wash and dog grooming facilities. The park is open dly from dawn to dusk.


The park's origins date back to the 1930s, when it was built as a baseball field for the local Burbank Little League. In 1938, Burbank City Councilman Roy B. Lewis suggested a city park to be built on the site of the baseball field. On December 4, 1940, a petition was submitted to the city council that a park be built in the area. The park was dedicated in 1941 and named in honor of Luther Burbank. In 1951, the baseball field was converted into a tennis court. By the late 1950s, the city began work on the current park. The first phase was a grass area for recreational activities. In 1958, construction began on the current artificial lake, the only such lake in the United States built using concrete rather than clay.

In the 1970s, the city built the park's dog grooming facility and playground. In 1983, the city built the park's fountn. In 1990, the park received a new fence. In 1995, the park's fence was pnted. In 2000, the city began work on a second dog grooming facility in the park, as well as a separate fenced-off area. In 2004, the city built the park's first-ever dog bath. In 2005, the city constructed a second, smaller fenced-off area. In 2007, the city built a second dog grooming facility, a second fenced-off area, and a community area. In 2011, the city built a third dog grooming facility, as well as a third fenced-off area. In 2012, the city completed a playground and an art installation at the park. In 2013, the city finished construction on the park's second-ever dog fountn. In 2014, the city finished work on a parking lot. In 2015, the city finished work on the park's second-ever dog parking lot.


The park has three levels of dog park areas:

A fenced-off area with a separate access to the lake. It contns a large fountn, a dog fountn, benches, and shade structures.

A area. The fenced area contns a large fountn, benches, and shade structures.

A area. The fenced area contns a large fountn and a small fountn.

The park's playground has a small climbing wall, swings, a seesaw, a slide, and a sandbox.

The park has an artificial lake that is deep. The lake has three waterfalls. The park contns a dog-friendly fenced off area that has its own access to the lake. The fenced-off area contns a fountn, benches, and shade structures.

The park has a dog grooming area that is long, and has a separate access. The groomers have a long groomer table.

The park's dog grooming area is covered by a roof, which provides shelter from the sun and rn. The facility is r conditioned to prevent dogs from getting sick.

The park has a community area. The area contns a dog wash, grooming stalls, a grooming area, a doggy boutique, and a doggy boutique café.

The park has three parking lots, and one parking lot.


The park is open dly from dawn to dusk. The park's activities include:

A large fountn

A small fountn

A sandbox

A sand play area

A rope course

A playground with a climbing wall

A seesaw

A slide

Dog walkers can enjoy the park by walking or driving through the parking lots. The park also has benches, shade structures, and fountns. In 2013, the city pnted the fountns and a section of the fence.

In 2009, the city began hosting "Doggie Days." These events are held on a monthly basis, and give dog owners an opportunity to meet others who enjoy walking their dogs.


The park has events on a monthly basis. These events include:

Monthly doggy birthday party

Summer Concerts

Easter egg hunt

Summer solstice

Halloween party

The park also holds events on a yearly basis, such as:

Dog park day

Easter egg hunt

Halloween party

The city also holds events at the park. These events include:

Monthly dog day

Fall Fest


The park has a Community Association, as well as a Community Advisory Committee (CAC). The CAC is made up of dog owners, and dog lovers. It is the group that decides what happens at the park. The CAC helps make decisions regarding the park.

In 2010, the park's community association began hosting monthly meet-ups. These are events where people can meet to get to know each other and their dogs.

As of 2012, the park's community association is trying to get more dog owners to join. These efforts include:

A monthly newsletter, Doggie Ml

Dog park days

Dog park treats

Dog park activities

In 2012, the park held a Doggy Days event. The event included a dog parade, a pet parade, dog park days, dog park treats, and a pet portrt session.

In 2015, the park's community association was planning to put the park's first-ever doggy birthday party in July, which was canceled due to low turnout. In 2016, the community association planned another doggy birthday party. It was set to be held on July 25.


In 2015, the park received the title "Best Dog Park in LA" from a magazine called Dog World. In 2016, the

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