Dog swallowed skunk spray

Dog swallowed skunk spray

Dog swallowed skunk spray, was left alone in carrier for eight days

(FOX 23 NEWS) - Two dogs are recovering after a family left them in a carrier for eight days without food or water.

"Somebody didn't know what was going on, they just did what they thought was right," sd Stephanie Gee, who runs her grandmother's boarding kennel in Fort Myers.

Gee says she got a call on Tuesday morning. "They just sd the dogs were still inside a kennel with the door wide open. They were just wting on us to come get them."

The owner, who sd he was at work, then called agn on his way home to his wife and his daughter. "When he did, they told him to get his shoes and get his jacket, they were going to take him to the pound," Gee sd.

The owner says he took his children to the pound and then called a friend to pick them up and brought them to Gee's kennel.

Gee's two dogs, one brown and one white, were found dehydrated, hungry and covered with skunk spray. "The brown one is a little bit worse off than the white one. She's just in worse shape."

A dog rescue called Gee, "When we found the girls in the carrier, their eyes were blackened, their nls were brittle, they looked really skinny. She was just so dehydrated."

Both were taken to the vet. "They didn't have any skin left," Gee sd. "They had been soaking in their own urine."

One dog is a little bit better off, "She has a little more skin. But she still has the skunk spray on her eyes and the other girl has it on her nose and chin and on her body. It's a little bit easier to deal with."

"They're getting some TLC and some grooming," Gee sd. "I think that they're going to be okay."

The owners didn't want to talk about it, Gee sd. "They're a little bit scared about the incident," Gee sd. "I can't really get anything out of them."

They've already been in touch with the state about animal cruelty charges.

Gee sd it's tough dealing with the aftermath.

"I'm still really sad about it," Gee sd. "I can't get over it. I don't know how they can do this. I think this is the worst thing you could ever do to somebody else's dog. You just can't."

She's keeping her dogs in a pen until they've recovered and will take more action if needed.

One dog is out of the pen and the other is still recovering. "They're both scared and stressed out and I'm just trying to be the mom."

While the owner has to do his time, Gee is wting for her dog to get healthy.

"I'm trying to look at it like I'm a victim," Gee sd. "My whole life changed in one day. I have to just deal with it."

It's not clear how this woman's dogs got mixed up with the family that got their dogs. It's not clear who owned the dogs who were attacked.

The names of the owners haven't been released, but the woman is identified. Police sd she is scheduled to be in court on July 16.

A woman's dog, not a puppy, was used in the attack.

Police say the woman got out of her car at the house in the 900 block of Northwest 27th Avenue and began arguing with a neighbor and her boyfriend.

The girlfriend got her dog and went to the door. Two male dogs jumped from inside the house and attacked the woman's dog, causing a serious injury.

The woman's dog was taken to a veterinarian.

The owner also has a 3-year-old child and a newborn child.

The couple in the home were taken into custody and police say they're treating the case as a felony.

Police say the woman who was attacked was injured and taken to a hospital. Her injury isn't life-threatening, police sd.

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