Dog typing on computer

Dog typing on computer

Dog typing on computer mice?

I've noticed an odd problem with my new laptop, and my coworkers say the same thing with theirs.

If you have a computer mouse, the left button works fine.

If you have a computer mouse, the right button works fine.

This makes typing, especially entering text into a text box, very slow. I tried changing the mouse and using the "right handed" mouse, but the problem is still there.

I wonder if this is a hardware issue or a software issue, and if it is what could cause it. The laptop is a MacBook Pro 11" (Core2 Duo), running 10.5.6.

There's another thread that has several posters having the same issue. The most likely issue seems to be a bad PS/2 mouse, but it could be a dead PS/2 connection on the USB ports.

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Yes, I would be more worried about the right mouse button working and the left one not working.

I just realized that this can't be a hardware issue, but the same mouse worked fine on my MacBookPro before it was broken. It was the only one with the problem, and the PS/2 mouse from the Apple store wasn't the one that had this problem.

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I don't have a mac, and I don't have the same problem, but in my experience the right mouse button does work for me. But not for my wife and my friends. I don't know why it would be a problem for you and not for them.

I think the more likely problem is that you have a dead PS/2 connection. When you plug in the mouse to the computer, it needs to get power, so I would think that if the PS/2 is dead, then the mouse isn't going to work.

The more likely problem is that the mouse is bad. When a USB mouse doesn't work, it could be a hardware or a software problem. For the most part, it's the mouse that is bad, but it can also be a dead PS/2 connection.

You might also try different USB ports on the computer. If it is a software problem, it might be that one of the USB ports on the computer is bad and it could be an intermittent issue.

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A friend of mine bought a new HP laptop. She was having the same problem you are having. She contacted HP, and they told her that they would take the unit back, and they would send her another. She said that they did. She was then told that they could not do anything, and that it was probably a software or driver issue. HP sent her the same mouse.

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I had the same problem, but I also had an old mouse that was "working". So I tried two of them, but no dice.

I finally decided to take a peek at the system log, and found a post from me a few months back with the exact same problem, and some solutions I tried.

I got my new mouse, and everything's working again.

One other thing that may be worth mentioning is that some of my friends have the same problem, but it's limited to one or two computers. This means that it's probably software/driver issue.

I didn't bother getting an Apple Support Case, and I doubt I'll get one. But my Mac was just repaired under warranty, so maybe I should contact Apple.

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I also got my mouse fixed.

Here's what I did:

I called my local Apple Store, and they said they would take a look. They looked at my mouse and told me to call the Mac Genius Bar. They didn't do anything more, and told me that they couldn't do anything for me without an Apple Support Case.

The Mac Genius Bar also told me to call my local store, and they would look at my computer. They did nothing either, except tell me to call Apple Support again. I'm starting to think that they are intentionally trying to give me a hard time.

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Here's the problem. The problem was that I had to "disable" the right mouse button. Now the right mouse button works, but it doesn't work as a left button.

In other words, now the "click" of the right mouse button goes to the left mouse button.

Now typing on the left mouse button is very fast, and typing on the right mouse button is very slow, but the mouse is still the same mouse. The right mouse still has the same scroll wheel, etc.

This is exactly why I contacted the Apple Store for help. If they can't fix it, they should at least know what it is.

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You might try changing the right mouse button to a left mouse button. The OS can remap it, if it doesn't already have a remapping for it. But, of course, it's a risk because you might get the opposite.

If the problem persists, you can also use a program like MouseTweak that lets you map the buttons.

You might try another mouse, too. Some mice use PS/2 and USB at the same time, and the PS/2 port has to be working.

You could also try downloading some other software, but the software has to have a configuration tool that you can use to change the mouse button settings.

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This sounds like it may be a hardware problem or a driver problem.

If the mouse is working, but is mapped incorrectly, it could be the case that the mouse's scroll wheel is the same as the left mouse button. I had this happen before, and it was because I had the left mouse button set to "click" instead of "drag".

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