Dog daycare st paul

Dog daycare st paul

Dog daycare st paul is hiring daycare workers for full or part time positions. We provide professional childrens daycare service. We strive for excellence in all aspects of our day care. We want the children in our care to receive the best care possible.We provide a fun loving and nurturing environment for children. We want to create an atmosphere where childrens safety is our first priority. Our staff is licensed, insured and state inspected. For over 21 years, weve provided quality care to childrens of all ages. We are a locally owned and operated company with the greatest concern for the well being of the children we care for. We are currently looking for daycare workers for our full time and part time positions. Full time positions start at $11 per hour and part time starts at $8.00 per hour. We are a family owned business and we care about our employees. We want to create a long term relationship with our employees. We care about each other and what our employees think. We encourage employees to use the daycare as a resource in order to gain confidence, and better serve our customers. We have flexible scheduling options for both full time and part time. Daycare hours vary by the needs of the families.We believe in treating our employees with the respect that they deserve. We are looking for reliable employees that can provide consistent service. Responsibilities include:- To provide a safe and comfortable day care center- Follow all state and local regulations as it pertains to safety and health- Care for the children and be consistent in the way we care for them- Keep the facility clean and organized- Assist and provide support for teachers and daycare workers- Assist with other tasks as needed- Be aware of childrens personal well being and keep records of all accidents and issues- Attend and participate in all staff meetings- Participate in employee training- Be available to answer phone calls and emails- Provide a safe and happy environment for the children of our clients- Provide the best child care possible for the children of our clients

Our daycare has a strong and dedicated management team. The daycare management team are a vital part of the success of our daycare. We treat them as part of our family. It is their responsibility to provide the best care to the children. We believe in making sure the daycare team knows the kids as well as the parents. We strive to make sure we are in touch with the families through email, telephone calls, Facebook and text. We work hard to be the best. Our leadership team cares about each other. We promote internally, and promote our leaders. We work as a team. We are all dedicated to the success of the daycare.

We believe in creating a positive environment. Our team works hard to make our daycare a fun and safe environment for the kids. We believe in creating a relaxed environment where the children can learn, grow, and feel comfortable. We want our daycare to be a positive environment where all the children feel happy, comfortable and loved. Our team will work hard to ensure this happens.

We will only hire positive people. In the past few years, our daycare has had great success due to the dedication of our leadership team and daycare staff. We are seeking to continue this success by always hiring great people.

We will never discriminate against any children or their parents. We are dedicated to making sure we have a place for every child in our daycare. We want everyone to be happy and successful in the daycare. We want to be able to give children a home away from home. We strive to make sure this happens.

Our Management Team

Ms. Keren

Daycare Manager

Ms. Keren has been with the daycare since 2006 and works hard to make sure the daycare runs smoothly. She is the one who works the front desk and manages the registration. She works hard to ensure the daycare has the right number of staff on the floor. She also oversees the administration of the children and the daily operations of the daycare. She helps make sure the daycare has what it needs to run smoothly and efficiently.

Ms. Keren is a native of Brooklyn, NY and is married to Joseph, a retired NYC Firefighter. They have two young children.

Ms. Anissa K.

Daycare Director

Ms. Anissa was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. She has been working in childcare for several years. She has also worked with several different daycares in her career and she has had a love for the daycare industry since she was young. Her career has led her to be Director of a small home daycare in Brooklyn, New York. She is excited to work with Keren and the rest of the team to ensure that the daycare is the best it can be.

Ms. Anissa has a bachelor’s degree from CUNY Brooklyn College and a master’s degree from the Borough of Manhattan Community College. She is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana and is now happily married to a man she met while in graduate school. She has three beautiful children: two boys and a girl.

Ms. Jennifer

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Jennifer started working for the daycare at the beginning of 2012. Since then, she has learned more about the daycare and all of the different ways to help the families. Ms. Jennifer is an extremely hard worker and has a very positive attitude about everything. Ms. Jennifer has been with the daycare since February of 2014 and is excited to be a part of this team. She recently joined the team because she and Keren were very impressed with each other’s work ethics and professionalism. Keren and Jennifer share the same work ethic and the same love for the daycare.

Ms. Jennifer has been married to Michael for the past 7 years. They have two beautiful daughters and one handsome son who keeps them busy. Ms. Jennifer is excited to have met Keren and work with the daycare staff. Ms. Jennifer has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and an undergraduate degree in psychology. Her hobbies include playing and watching sports with her husband and children, cooking and going to the beach. She also loves gardening and taking family vacations together. She is most happy spending time with her family and hopes that it does not take long for her family to be a part of her family at the daycare.

Ms. Karen

Administrative Assistant

Ms. Karen is a native New Yorker and has worked in the health care field for over 20 years. At the daycare, she loves the children, the families, and the community. Ms. Karen is a loving mother to her three children, as well as a loving grandmother to two special grandsons. Ms. Karen is a native New Yorker and has worked in the health care field for over 20 years. She loves the children, the families, and the community and is excited to be a part of this wonderful family. She is so excited to work with the other wonderful staff members and the children. She was married to her husband for 29 years and moved to Tennessee in 2004. She and her husband love to travel, visit family, cook and watch sports and the Tennessee Titans. Ms. Karen is very dedicated to being the best grandma to her grandchildren. She is looking forward to the opportunity to meet and work with all of the families and children that come to the daycare.

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