Cat scratching litter box excessively

Cat scratching litter box excessively

Cat scratching litter box excessively

I am a new owner and this is my first kitty. I am concerned about her scratching. I have 2 cats in the house and they always scratch and claw at each other when they are playing. I don't want the new kitten to get hurt. But she does not know to stop. We are trying to teach her. What can I do? How do I stop the scratching behavior in her? She is only about 2 weeks old and has been fixed.

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Well, if you have two cats, then you know that this is something that is not going to go away. You should just be patient and it will pass. And if you have a baby kitten, that you are very young, then I would just say to stop it. This is something that kittens can grow out of and it will probably go away. Good luck.

Nov 15, 2014

Kitty scratching the boxby: Anonymous

This sounds like my son's kitty when she is a kitten. Her nails are very long and they will scratch at everything!

The only way to stop her from scratching at the box is to train her not to do it. I bought a scratching post for her to use. It's a nice soft wood and it just goes on the ground. It is about 20" long and 12" wide. It is soft and she just sits on it and plays with it and it helps her develop a good scratching habit.

You can do the same with the box! The nice thing about the box is that it is on the ground and that is the same level that the scratching post is.

I think you are going to have to be very consistent about this. If you give her the scratching post to use, you have to keep it on the ground. The same with the box. You can make it so that she cannot go into the box except to use it.

When she does get in there, you just pick her up and take her out.

Try it with her for a few weeks and you will see that she will give it up on her own!

Jul 22, 2013

Cat scratching litter box excessivelyby: Darcie

I am sure that you are doing everything you can to train your little kitty not to scratch. Just remember that cats scratch for several reasons. One is to mark their territory. This means that it is safe for them and it is the way that they know that their territory has been marked.

Another is to groom themselves. They groom their coats and the fur on their faces by scratching. They also may even do this to mark the spots where they have been peeing, like when they use a litter box.

The most important reason is to let other cats know that they own the area around their litter box. When they are scratching in it, it is the way that they let other cats know that they own the area. They are also trying to let the other cat know that they do not need to go in the area around the box. If they do not, the other cat will not know that this area is theirs.

Sometimes, just by the fact that they are scratching at it, they are trying to communicate to the other cat that they want it to leave the box alone.

So, you are doing the best you can to train your little kitty not to scratch, but keep in mind the reasons that she is scratching. If you find that she is scratching at the litter box too much, then you will have to just put the box on the floor. This is the only way that you can control the amount of time that she is using the box. When she goes into the litter box to use it, then you just take her out immediately. Then, when you go to clean the box, you can get the other cat out first.

You can also put a litter box in another room where no one else will be scratching at it. Then, when the time comes for her to use the litter box, you can just take her to the other room first. It will just be a matter of time before she learns that when she goes into the other room, that no one is in there, she can just go back to the room where the litter box is.

Sometimes, just by knowing that she cannot go into a room with no one in there, she will learn not to do that. It is only a matter of time until she learns this rule.

It is best to not leave a kitten alone in a room with no one in there. It is the same as her scratching at a litter box. She wants to let someone know that she is in a room where no one is in there.

Mar 10, 2011

cat scratching litter box excessivelyby: Anonymous

I would take her to the vet to see what is going on, you don't want her to have any injuries because you don't know how old she is and how she got those scratches.

Feb 13, 2011

Cat scratching litter box excessivelyby: Anonymous

I think you need to be patient with this. Your cat may just need more time to understand that it's not safe to go on the boxes. I know my cats would scratch me if I would put the box out there for them. It's hard when you want to teach them. Just keep it going. I'm sure the scratching will stop in no time.

Jan 18, 2011

cat scratching litter box excessivelyby: