Cats in the cradle remake

Cats in the cradle remake

Cats in the cradle remake

The remake of Cats in the Cradle, also known as Little Red Riding Hood, was a remake of the 1950 American animated musical fantasy film produced by Rankin-Bass Productions and based on the classic tale of Little Red Riding Hood, by the Brothers Grimm. The remake was directed by John and Ray Kay, produced by David B. Green, written by Larry Doyle, and released by Paramount Pictures on February 14, 1994.

This version features an updated setting, modern-day urban landscapes, and many more changes from the original 1950 version. It has not been received positively by critics, some of whom found it "trivial and pointless", "tedious", "disposable", and "mind-numbingly dull".


This version begins in a small town called New York City, where a teenage Little Red Riding Hood (Nicole Eggert) lives with her single mother (Catherine Zeta-Jones), who has become a widow after the recent passing of her husband, a dentist (Michael J. Fox), and the town gossip is that the woman was having an affr with the dentist during his marriage, which the woman denies. The next morning, Little Red wakes up and leaves for school. As she is walking through an alley, she comes across a cat (Polly) that is tied to a garbage bin. The cat immediately tries to attack her, but after she hits it with a brick and it limps away, the cat takes the brick off the trash can and follows Little Red on the streets.

Little Red notices that the cat is following her everywhere. This is a problem for Little Red because she is afrd of cats due to what happened to her grandmother, whose cat scratched her so badly that it had to be killed. When she returns to her house, she discovers that her mother is not home. When her mother comes back

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