Why is my cat not eating

Why is my cat not eating

Why is my cat not eating?

My 9-week-old kitten is not eating and has diarrhea for the last several days. She has been off food and water for 12 hours and is still refusing. I have been treating with Pedialyte and Pedialite, but she still refuses. I do not know how to feed her now. Can I force feed her?

Your dog is an adult, not a kitten. There is a small chance that if he/she is not eating that they may have internal blockage/inflammation and needs to be checked. You also need to know what food he/she was eating before he/she stopped eating. A puppy/kitten will drink it, but an adult dog will not. If you do know what food your dog ate, and the last time you know he ate, you need to give him/her a very high quality protein/vitamins/fiber rich food. The problem is your dog is old enough to not be eating any of that, so that is probably not it. But there are problems that can cause a dog not to eat, and it could be something in the back of your dog's mind and making him/her not want to eat.

I would put my dog on a diet where she gets all her vitamins and minerals (but not too much!) and give her raw diet. If she is eating well on it then your dog will eat well and get all the nutrients she needs. You may have to switch food to see if that helps. You may have to give her supplements for some vitamins/minerals.

Your 9 week old kitten is a kitten, not a puppy. Kittens do not eat as much as a puppy, and they eat only what they need. If she refuses to eat and hasn't been fed, then it is highly unlikely that she is sick.

If your dog is eating enough to keep himself healthy and is just refusing to eat for no reason, then give him/her a supplement of a high quality dog food and maybe some treats to encourage him/her to eat.

You should consult a vet to help with your dog's health. A vet will be able to tell you why your dog may not be eating and what to do about it.

Hi, thanks for reading the question. I do not know of any specific foods that the chicken is allergic too. Chicken is really quite a safe food for dogs and for us! But if she is refusing to eat, and I mean just not eating, then she may be sick. I would talk to your vet about this.

Hi, and thanks for the replies.

Your little dog is not eating because of a stomach upset (she won't eat her food). There is nothing you can feed her to get her to eat it - it's just too dry! She is just in a very sick state of mind and can't eat (at least not yet). She will not eat for several days.

She's not dehydrated, since she's drinking. She's not starving, because she'll eat bits off the side of a bowl.

If she refuses to eat, then there is nothing you can feed her to make her eat. Your vet should give you advice. It's a very scary situation for a small, puppy!

You could make a really yummy and healthy food for her by throwing in some fresh fruit and vegetables. If she is allergic to fruits and vegetables you could also try a meat-based food.

I hope the vet is going to give you some suggestions, but I suggest that you do some research yourself and find out more about your dogs food needs.

Have a look here for some very good ideas on how to help with a dogs diet. ... -pet%20food/

If she just wants a bowl of food you are just going to have to put it in a bowl and put the bowl near her (but not on her) and let her have it! Then you could feed her a small amount of food - maybe 1 small bowl of food per day. The first few days you will have to be very careful not to feed too much, as she is still very sick. Then you can slowly work your way up to feeding her 3 small bowls per day (it'll take her a few days to get used to this).

If she is very thirsty you can give her a couple of little sips of water, just like you would a puppy. Do this every couple of hours to start with, and make sure you don't over-feed her.

If she looks and acts like she is uncomfortable with her situation it might be a good idea to get her a bed. You could get a small, cot-like bed or an enclosed crate. She can go into her bed for bedtime and when you wake up she can come out. She would have a lot more room in the bed and it would be much more comfortable for her to sleep in (it's just a little easier for her to eat in a bed).

Another thing you could do is to try to get her used to being around you. I know this sounds strange but most puppies get very scared when they are born and are taken out of their mothers womb (you may have already noticed that she is very quiet!). Maybe if you gently picked her up and carried her in your arms from room to room while she was still in her box or if you lay her in the bed beside you, she might feel a little better.

I hope this helps. I hope she will get a lot better. You may be able to find someone to take her to so that she can be there for the first few days while you're sick. This is very kind of them to help you with your sick baby. You need to think about all the good they're going to do her as well. I'm sure she won't be the same little girl when you get her back!

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Thanks so much for the replies. I didn't really think about what would happen to her while I was gone. I'll definately check into the bed thing.

My husband had to work so I was taking her everywhere with me, just so I could hear her cry. At one point I couldn't get my ears around it and ended up in tears. We've been back at home about 5 days, but she's only starting to get herself back in shape. I think she's going to be ok, but I was so worried about her because she was only about a week old.

thanks, i'll be sending a pic of the box and some pics of her in the bed to a friend of mine that has a 4 year old and i'll tell her to hang in there.

the bed thing was a bit hard for her to handle in the beginning but now that she's stronger she's much more comfortable in there. plus she wakes up every few hours, so I think it helps her feel safer.